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The Dovers


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  • treemelody

    @mmmmlowell: Atlas Sound sampled the guitar intro from "What Am I Going to Do" on his song "Walkabout".

    20 Apr 2014 Rispondi
  • mmmmlowell

    why does this particular garage group have so many listeners? was a song of theirs in a movie or somethin'?

    22 Feb 2014 Rispondi
  • rnrdt

    BB, what am I gonna do with chu???

    12 Mag 2012 Rispondi
  • KittenishCash8

    I enjoy this music (period)

    14 Set 2011 Rispondi
  • Plaumtothashizz

    we're not just anybody is friggin great

    13 Mag 2011 Rispondi
  • staywaivy

    60s garage gold!![2]

    4 Feb 2011 Rispondi
  • milkynomad

    this band is fuckin sweet!

    29 Nov 2010 Rispondi
  • girlexplosion

    60s garage gold!!

    29 Set 2010 Rispondi
  • willywonka091

    i honestly think that "we're not just anybody" is one of the greatest records that i'll ever listen to & i think i am in love with it. i am playing it into the ground.

    10 Ago 2010 Rispondi
  • feldmanJ

    my father showed me this band. one day i heard that remix and i was a little upset.

    21 Lug 2010 Rispondi
  • Sideburnstijger

    Your Love.....

    16 Lug 2010 Rispondi
  • jordan10la

    I've never heard of this band and I'm not a huge fan of Animal Collective but why is it ever a problem when more people are introduced to a band you enjoy?

    2 Lug 2010 Rispondi
  • rymdvarelse

    no one cares lucidonbuses, find some new and obscure band you can like before a well-known band uses a sample by them.

    21 Giu 2010 Rispondi
  • EwanJames

    let's forget what storyteller said, whenever she says it

    7 Giu 2010 Rispondi
  • lucidonbuses

    I'll have to agree with storyteller as well as every other fan of garage rock music, nothing is more depressing and frustrating that you little pitchfork newbies claiming "garage rock" as your new BFF just because some new york shitty band called Animal Collective proclaims them as "god". You people are only offended and annoyed because she hurt your feelings...which says a lot.

    5 Giu 2010 Rispondi
  • doyoulikedogs

    That storyteller bitch needs to shut the fuck up. "Oh no someone else is listening to my music!! No now I'm not cool anymore!" Fucking teenagers these days.

    16 Mag 2010 Rispondi
  • beablossom

    sad sad sad...

    29 Apr 2010 Rispondi
  • HoboBrown

    Umm, nobody made fun of my "low-life subculture" and really they couldn't because I haven't presented anything about myself other than the fact that I have a bullshit radar and it went off big time when you started posting your trash everywhere. And who are you to say someone can't appreciate something because they like something.. All it proves is that you really don't care about or understand music and why people make it or listen to it.

    18 Apr 2010 Rispondi
  • storyteller

    Hobobrown a sad pathetic excuse for a human being who feels bitter when people make fun of his pathetic-low-life subculture who emphasises about themselves, the bands that they know, and listening to music no one has ever heard of. Excuse me for not liking the fact stupid Animal collective fans are into music they cannot even appreciate. Your opinions are invalid because you don't have a brain.

    14 Apr 2010 Rispondi
  • HoboBrown

    aw poor storyteller, upset because now she's just like every other hipster with her nuggets box set. so original of you. so typical of you to get upset because someone turns them onto one of your sacred little obscure bands, it's obvious you don't really like music. btw, you're 20, you don't know fuck about the dovers. and how many albums have you released compared to airiel pink's? that's right, zero. so shut the fuck up you "hipster."

    14 Mar 2010 Rispondi
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