Note to pet owners...

7 Nov 2011 | da

When your animal does something questionable (like snarling or snapping at a person), please don’t respond by saying “I’ve never seen him/her do that before!”
Fact… your pet did react in a questionable manner.
It usually means one of three things about yourself. You:
(1) Honestly have never seen the pet do that.
(2) Are not totally observant of what your pet does.
(3) Telling a lie.

As with most things in life, the middle area (#2) is probably correct. You really haven’t seen it happen, but it has happened… you just somehow missed it or didn’t pay attention. If you are wrong about this, you could be wrong about other areas regarding your pet.

But the worst thing about responding with the ‘never seen’ reply is it unintentionally calls into question the person who has received a negative response from your animal. It makes it seem like something is wrong with the person that your pet would react in such a fashion.

Best response from you is to simply apologize and do your best to contain your pet.


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