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  • tsudduth24

    Excellent new album.. Front Row Seats <3

    Agosto 2014
  • Parisblues

    Si Barbie était vivante - Andy

    Febbraio 2014
  • AngeloSwift13

    Amy <3

    Novembre 2013
  • JeanetteWall

    Love Sunny Sweeney? Check out this brand new track from up-and-comer Maggie Rose:

    Marzo 2013
  • inertin

    Wow... She should be the country artist of this decade...

    Gennaio 2013
  • kitkat582000

    love this lady !!!! soooo down to earth... she gets to ya... xoxo

    Ottobre 2012
  • Andreas85

    This is bad as main pic. You can only see the top part of her face in library.

    Ottobre 2011
  • Andreas85

    Another underrated singer [3]

    Agosto 2011
  • lumholdt

    Another underrated singer [2]

    Giugno 2011
  • wingkon

    Another underrated singer

    Febbraio 2011
  • Lubricio

    Very nice! :)

    Febbraio 2011
  • supedude

    Her accent is AWESOME

    Dicembre 2010
  • induldgecountry

    "From a Table Away" = one of the best country singles of the year! <3

    Luglio 2010
  • mybestmusic

    Wonderful Artist ! She is a breath of fresh air to country music !

    Novembre 2009
  • systolediastole

    I hope she makes a sophomore album!

    Febbraio 2009
  • davidn87

    She should come to Scotland. It'd be great to see her at Celtic Connections. Hell it'd be great to see her anywhere in the Glasgow area!

    Gennaio 2009
  • bluffdweller

    she should write with lance miller or sing a duo with him, it would be awesome....

    Dicembre 2008
  • pckrfn1968

    she is a real sweetheart and the only woman I know who can sing Merle Haggard or Johnny Cash and make it sound great. Her live shows are awesome if you get the chance to see her do!

    Ottobre 2008
  • RodeoRich

    Sunny is the best! It's good to know there are pure and true artists out there sticking to there roots! My favorites are Slow Swingin Western Tunes, Please be San Antone and 10yrs passed. Oh hell I love them all. Mamma Opery reminds me of my Granny.

    Luglio 2008
  • systolediastole

    Cool...the songs are streamable now.

    Gennaio 2008
  • systolediastole

    Agreed! I was so surprised to see some real country on TV the other day...her If I Could video. It's wonderful to see that this kind of music can still make it that far.

    Settembre 2007
  • davidn87

    THIS is Country.

    Settembre 2007
  • systolediastole

    Can't believe I just found out about her. What a voice! Love it.

    Settembre 2007
  • echo725

    Sounds like Texas 'round here.

    Maggio 2007