• 2009 recap

    Dic 31 2009, 12:35 di erlend_alstead

    My beautiful fiancé, northern_soul_, named 2009 her Yevgueni year. Unlike her, I had no particular band to guide me through these past twelve months of music magic. But despair not! For I had multiple cheery highlights I'd love to share with you. Here are my top nine music moments of 2009, in no particular order.

    Hit it, Shaffer!

    1. Getting "Poker Face" stuck in my brain for the one thousandth time
    I'm no lover of pop, female lead singers who mostly get by on their looks or gambling, but the fact is that, months after its release, this song is still churning about in my head as if constantly playing from millions of tiny speakers hidden throughout the world. Also, Lady Gaga's role in DJ Steve Porter's Auto-Tuned recap of 2009 was one of my personal highlights from the video:


    2. Listening to ZZ Top's «Velcro Fly» after reading about it in Stephen King's Dark Tower series
  • Folkwords Review - The Doomed Bird of Providence

    Lug 10 2009, 19:32 di melanopus

    Had Stephen King decided to write lyrics (go with this for a second or two) and had Edgar Broughton taken to dark folk, the combination would produce brooding, unsettling music with psychopathic lyrics and disconcerting vocals. This is exactly what you get from The Doomed Bird of Providence – a four-piece folk band from Colchester.

    This is folk music from the shadows. Gathering grim shades from Australia’s fearsome convict-scarred past – ghosts, suicide, murder and living death – it’s all here. The creators of this exercise in gloom are Dan (violin) Drew (ukulele) Mark (piano accordion, vocals) and Stafford (bass guitar). They are The Doomed Bird of Providence.

    This eponymous CD delivers four tracks that pile on the anxiety. First, there’s ‘A Letter from Van Dieman’s Land’ (guess a possible theme) that weaves a fictional relationship around two notorious Victorian villains – a poisoner and a murderer - one Doomed Bird hanged, one deported. …
  • About Me

    Dic 30 2008, 16:57 di AxemRangers

    I LISTEN TO GOOD AWESOME MUSIC. So do YOU. Because do you know what GOOD AWESOME MUSIC is?? I'll tell you what it is: It's WHATEVER MUSIC YOU ENJOY LISTENING TO. Go ahead and brag about it and not give a shit about what anyone else thinks! Because they're just missing out, right? No need to feel sorry for them either, because they're not worthy of listening to that great music, right?

    I ONLY LIKE The Beatles FROM THE ALBUM "Rubber Soul" and then the rest. I don't like any earlier stuff. You just have to know that.

    I'm 14. My favorite band is The Mars Volta, and Omar is my idol. I don't have too much plays cuz I usually listen to actual CDs more than iTunes. I have a very wide musical taste: , , , , , , , , , , , , and , , and most of all... . King Crimson, Mars Volta, Coheed & Cambria, Yes, ELP, Van Der Graaf, Riverside, Frank Zappa, Rush, Primus and millions more. …
  • Lb4Lb#5: But We're Okay, We're Fine

    Lug 16 2008, 3:33 di tadmaster

    I wanna clear my head,
    I wanna drink that sun,
    I'm gonna love you good and strong
    While our love is good and young.
    - Get Out The Map

    Normally, this "" thing is about an album (or two) that particularly moved me in some way. Nothing is as frustrating as buying an entire CD that only has one or two tracks that you really like on it; and few things are as satisfying as finding a collection of songs that flow together and keep you coming back for the whole set.

    But THIS time, I want to talk about a "lb4lb" career.

    The best thing you've ever done for me
    Is to help me take my life less seriously
    It's only life, after all.
    - Closer To Fine

    Folk music doesn't get paid the respect it deserves, partly because folk fans pay it FAR too much respect. It's an art form based on intimacy, and the fandom associated with other genres simply spoils the effect.

    Nothing kills the joy of listening to Peter Paul and Mary like hearing someone blather on about the symbolism of Puff the Magic Dragon. …