Wakeford was an original member of the English political punk band Crisis from 1977 until the band’s termination in 1980. Crisis played many concerts for Rock Against Racism and The Anti-Nazi League reflecting his then membership of the International Socialists and later The Socialist Workers Party. He then formed Death In June with fellow Crisis founder Douglas P. He was asked to leave Death In June because of musical differences and his membership, at the time, of the British National Front. Wakeford has had no connection or interest in such ideas for 20 or more years, and has described his membership as probably the worst decision of his life.[1]

Wakeford then recorded one album as Above the Ruins, showcasing a post-punk and dark rock sound influenced by his previous work with Death In June. After taking a few years off, he returned to music and formed Sol Invictus in 1987, working with Ian Read and Karl Blake.

Wakeford formed his own label, Tursa, to release his material and the music of other artists. The World Serpent Distribution Company previously distributed this material worldwide. Tursa is now distributed in Europe by Dark Vinyl, and in North America by Strange Fortune. In July 2007 the label was re-launched as a partnership with Israeli/USA producer and musician Reeve Malka. The labels roster includes Sol Invictus, Orchestra Noir, The Triple Tree, The Wardrobe, Zunroyz, Andrew King, and Tony’s solo work.

Wakeford has described Sol Invictus as a “cabaret band from Hell for the fin-de-siècle” and has referred to his work as folk noir. Beginning with a rough, bleak, primitive sound, the band’s music gradually evolved toward a lush, refined style, picking up classically-trained players such as Eric Roger, Matt Howden, and Sally Doherty. In the mid-1990s, Sol Invictus spun off a side project called l’Orchestre Noir to explore an even more classically influenced direction. In 2006 Wakeford changed the name to Orchestra Noir with a new line up and musical direction.

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