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  • lightdeceiver

    Need to have Delicious the album on here as well as the single. When I scrobbled mine it came up as the four track single and not the Japanese compilation I was listening to altho it picked up all the songs. I've only just recently started using this thing so god knows what some of my other CDs will come up as!

    ieri mattina
  • Last-Ana_Clara

    Awwn my childhood

    Febbraio 2014
  • Newstuf1111

    Damnit, this isnt the Shampoo I want!

    Ottobre 2012
  • AlexRange

    I have and like their first album. Delicious, Shampoo You ♥

    Maggio 2012
  • brownieboy

    power rangers movie should've kept to a rock soundtrack, it was naff hearing this in the credits

    Marzo 2012
  • StillTheBaddest


    Novembre 2011
  • Monksk

    Pretty Cool.

    Ottobre 2011
  • Daxxe

    Trouble - childhood nostalgia :)

    Aprile 2011
  • blackie-baby


    Aprile 2011
  • kristardm

    remember me POWER RANGERS!!!

    Gennaio 2011
  • amordarska

    nice girls;)

    Novembre 2010
  • FaustoRocks

    "Migthy Morphin PowerRengers !! LOL after a long time i find this song :D" hahaha exactly!

    Ottobre 2010
  • Dredddenoth

    Migthy Morphin PowerRengers !! LOL after a long time i find this song :D

    Agosto 2010
  • sebreflex

    @TriggerLucy you're right..

    Giugno 2010
  • TriggerLucy

    Shampoo do not belong in the same breath as Alisha's Attic.

    Aprile 2010
  • TriggerLucy

    they had an album called "Girl Power!?".. "Trouble" was me and my girls athem when I was kid

    Aprile 2010
  • alicelanders

    viva! vivaaaaa la megababes! :D

    Aprile 2010
  • Razman-

    Power Rangers.

    Febbraio 2010
  • JennaBandito

    Toight ♥

    Gennaio 2010
  • chertele

    Shampoooooooooooooo Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! That's All We Wanna Do Shampoooooooooooooo Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! It's What We Do!

    Gennaio 2010
  • blixt

    Dicembre 2009
  • GUTI_4ever

    11 plays in my library

    Dicembre 2009
  • blixt

    I uploaded some new photos, please voteeee!

    Dicembre 2009

    Bare Knuckle Girl <3

    Novembre 2009
  • blixt

    Carrie and Jaqui are my eternal role models.

    Settembre 2009
  • piuh

    i love it.

    Luglio 2009
  • awixumayita

    I LOVE SHaMPOO!!!!

    Maggio 2009
  • El_Pickle

    my guilty pleasure

    Maggio 2009
  • srtalyciouss2

    trouble shoulda been in THIRTEEN trackslist

    Aprile 2009
  • Jamonn


    Marzo 2009
  • Jan74

    Shampoo are like a poppier Kenickie.

    Gennaio 2009
  • TetrisRock

    "until this very moment, since the mid-nineties i thought trouble was by garbage. i'm cool" Eh?! Garbage hardly sound like Shampoo at all!

    Gennaio 2009
  • natiellynatty


    Gennaio 2009
  • staceylover

    i know what boys like....................they like meeeeeeeeeeeeee.............hehehehehehahahahahaha

    Ottobre 2008
  • staceylover

    the best songs they ever ever done is dirty old love song/uh oh where in trouble.......................and the best best one is game boy

    Ottobre 2008
  • staceylover

    i used to always listen to them

    Ottobre 2008
  • loveisparanoid

    electrocute sounds exactly like these girls

    Ottobre 2008
  • Brainfever

    goil powah!11 :) nice gals, yeah

    Settembre 2008
  • edimervaldo

    shampoo > spice girls

    Agosto 2008
  • dubccc

    until this very moment, since the mid-nineties i thought trouble was by garbage. i'm cool

    Luglio 2008
  • Jigoku81

    They are tagged Japanese because they are. Who is the idiot, then? Shampoo was a Japanese new wave band in the 80s and even had Japanese lyrics. There are many bands that share this name (even an Italian 70s band with funny lyrics).

    Maggio 2008
  • MissRagdoll

    I had the We Are Shampoo, but I lost it ):

    Marzo 2008
  • Sp-Ice-Lord

    LOL @ raza9 !!

    Febbraio 2008
  • loveisparanoid

    i buyed the power rangers soundtrack just for trouble! good memories <3

    Gennaio 2008
  • thesmu

    i've linked to this from my shampoo fansite wash & go-go well done in adding the 'poo to :D xxsxx

    Gennaio 2008
  • Meowgasmic

    I remember driving a babysitter crazy because I would play Trouble over and over again.

    Dicembre 2007
  • Jaaaaaack

    Shiny Black Taxi Cab is a fucking choooon.

    Ottobre 2007
  • Vigaku

    Anyone know where I can find Shiny Black Taxi Cab and Excellent? They were on the Trouble single, if I remember rightly. o.o

    Settembre 2007
  • miradahl

    Heh similiar artists rocks) I think Shompoo is more hard than... Sugababes or Britney... 0.o Something like The Donnas maybie...

    Agosto 2007
  • UltraNEO

    Yeah, they were really big in Japan back in the days. Err...Umm.. what idiot tagged it japanese ?? They're fucking british!!!

    Agosto 2007