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SERENADES is a solo project, a one man band personify by Valerio Capsoni, who creates at the end of 1995 two songs, “The Silent Beauty” and “Your Winter Garden”. In January 1996, at the Music Day Studio, these songs become “THE SILENT BEAUTY” Demo. At this time the monicker was SERENADE, but in Scotland there is a band with the same name, so the monicker changes and become SERENADES. The style is much Gothic-oriented, in line with the british scene.

In September of the same year, SERENADES sign a deal with the new label Elegy Records, and in December return at Music Day Studio, where Valerio Capsoni give form to one of the most important gothic-doom albums ever produced in Italy: “THE AGE OF PURITY”. Seven songs of very awesome death-doom, really appreciated by this type of fans and not only. The album exit (1997) obtains a considerable success during the years in the underground scene in Europe and in the rest of the world, specially among Anathema, My Dying Bride and Paradise Lost fans.

After three years, always for Elegy Records, Valerio Capsoni carries out the second SERENADES album: “IONIA”. Eight songs which constitute the evolution in a more direct form of dark feeling pulsating in SERENADES music, in a cross between Katatonia and Depeche Mode. This album is very different from the debut, and sounds very cynic and depressive. An electronical side project, “LEAVEINSILENCE”, follows the exit of the album. Six instrumental tracks, in a much experimental mix between electro dub and trance.


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