Serafina Steer (born 1982, London) is an English harpist, pianist, singer and songwriter.
In 2007 Serafina released a 7” single and an album entitled Cheap Demo Bad Science on Static Caravan records. Some were recorded and produced in collaboration with Mike Lindsay of folktronica band Tunng, some tracks were recorded with Kristian Robinson aka Capitol K. The album opens with a cover version of Brian Eno’s “By This River” but all other songs are her own.

In 2010 ‘change is good change is good’ was released, again on Static Caravan. Described by Jarvis Cocker as one of his favourite albums of the year and well ‘worth a listen’, this album had struggled into existence as Serafina’s harp was stolen whilst having been left, irresponsibly, in her clapped out old Toyota overnight. With some recordings made before the theft, Benge aka ‘the synth king’, offered up his unique collection of analogue synthesizers to fill in the harp shaped holes. Patrick Wolf described the album in as if ‘Stereolab and Shirley Collins made an album together about the trials of 21st-century romance.’

In 2011, Serafina recorded ‘Bloody Hell’ EP with Paul Jones of Stolen Recordings. The EP features two songs from CIGCIG and two new songs and includes the art work of Polly Huggett and RWM Hunt. These totally exposed ‘live’ harp and voice recordings were intended as a watermark, after months without an instrument and then with a new make of harp.

A live recording of her playing songs from her album and an interview discussing comparisons to Joanna Newsom can be seen on the BBC website.

Serafina studied Classical Harp, at Chetham’s School of Music with Eira Lynn Jones and went on to study with Imogen Barford and Gabriella Dall’Olio, gaining a First Class Honours degree in Music from Trinity College of Music, London, where she was awarded the String Faculty Silver Medal.

During this time Serafina began developing her song writing and this has become her primary interest.

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