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  • GloomyPariah

    Not bad, Abandon All Hope and Incandescence are pretty good tracks, you can really hear that Soilwork had a pretty impact on these guys, almost sounds like listening to Figure Number Five at some points (if you can't HEAR it, you're deaf or dumb!).

    Novembre 2013
  • Meat_Wolf

    Unfortunately the band has split up.

    Marzo 2012
  • Sputix

    1 and a half year without a update. Fgs fucking slacking bands is the reason you are so fucking unpopular.

    Agosto 2010
  • Sonster

    So when does the tour kick off?... don't forget New Orleans, guys \m/ ... Awesome ! [6]

    Novembre 2009
  • cherpalto

    Awesome ! [4] then :D

    Luglio 2009
  • ak248

    Awesome ! [3]

    Giugno 2009
  • GoldMath

    Awesome !

    Marzo 2009