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Roaring Empyrean


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  • Divine-Empyreal

    Over an hour and half is being recorded, and hopefully big part of this coming as a new album before the spring. They sound much more complex, and in much better production quality!! I hope you, the respected listeners will like it more than the first release...

    1 Ott 2013 Rispondi
  • AvertedTrope

    It sounds like something that should start melting together. It isn't, and I'm still actively listening to it. Although I'm not in the mood for slower music now, so I'll continue later.

    19 Ago 2013 Rispondi
  • Divine-Empyreal

    The other free song Is set to show the more metallic side of this project, that's why I set two songs for free download here.

    24 Lug 2013 Rispondi
  • jarongoh

    Just listened to Journeys Upon Night's Gloom and I can understand why you titled it that way. I like what you have going but I wouldn't exactly put it in the "doom" genre. Maybe "dark ambiental" but then again such definitions of "new age" music are so amorphous. In any case, it was an enjoyable piece for me. Soaring, liberating darkness given voice.

    3 Lug 2013 Rispondi
  • BlackKing999

    like the band Ophelia.. I really don't care about what the genre is.. I just enjoy!

    29 Apr 2013 Rispondi
  • BlackKing999

    a good combination of genres, This Album really has some magical moments, Cheers!

    29 Apr 2013 Rispondi
  • taymaz_fallah


    12 Mar 2013 Rispondi
  • Divine-Empyreal

    Well, I know it is not much of a metal project, let alone doom metal, but that is what I aimed for. And thanks to stnksrbtks for the recommended music. ^^

    12 Mar 2013 Rispondi
  • stnksrbtks

    cut back a bit more on the cheesiness and you'll be fine. listen to coil.

    22 Feb 2013 Rispondi
  • flori25

    great trance ..I love listen your music.

    10 Feb 2013 Rispondi
  • spineshank155

    I like the new album, great stuff. I am a little confused on the genre doom metal. To be honest i listen to mostly death doom metal which is a definite metal tone. I may have only heard very little doom metal by itself, i do see a bit of doom in 'To Earth's Heart' even though i have found that it's mostly 'New Age' (another unfamiliar genre) or atmospheric/ambient. I have heard some of Empyrium, i have a few albums which i need to listen to (gotta go locate it first) but they do sound a bit more atmospheric as well, it sounds like they use a bit of doom in their music but when i first listened to them it got kinda confusing as it didn't sound like doom. I have to find those albums to check it out properly. Not to mention Doom:vs is primarily death doom metal, even though i like this band i wonder why Roaring Empyrean was mentioned in Doom:vs shoutbox? It confused me when i clicked on the page & this being more ambient-new age type then doom metal. Hopefully this makes some sense.

    10 Feb 2013 Rispondi
  • nighter333

    Great, A true masterpiece ; ) Really I do not lie ; ).

    1 Feb 2013 Rispondi
  • selimteh

    Nice song, good work, liked very much !

    24 Dic 2012 Rispondi
  • SarahSelas

    not bad at all!

    16 Lug 2012 Rispondi
  • shruikan966

    Really good song as a beginning of a career.The song 'Journeys' reminds me of 'The Fountain" soundtrack. Waiting for your next songs.

    27 Giu 2012 Rispondi
  • bohenix

    just work harder and open your I :) too early to share your music with the world:)

    26 Giu 2012 Rispondi
  • KiraLo

    Nicely done!

    23 Giu 2012 Rispondi
  • Divine-Empyreal

    Hi everybody! Great thanks for the ideas you write here or post on my user page! Every single of your feedbacks are helping me a lot! So, please be certain to post more (no matter here or on my user page) and show me the flaws of my work so I can try to make my further songs better. Thanks again for minding my song and project! :)

    17 Giu 2012 Rispondi
  • wave_patterns

    It sounded pretty random to me and thus boring, there really was too much of everything. Making ambient music, you really should go more by the "less is more"-principle ;)

    17 Giu 2012 Rispondi
  • ManuelZarb

    This is very good actually! It's made its way onto my MP3 player. It reminds me of some sort of a film soundtrack, but not a subtle soundtrack. How to explain it? Like Inception, music that defines the film and not just compliments it. Music that creates a certain mood. Looking forward to giving your full-length a listen!

    13 Giu 2012 Rispondi
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