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Rising Moon


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1996 - 1997

The band was born on October of 1996, for hand of Angelo Raffaele De Innocentiis (guitars) and Carmine d’Annibale (drums) after the departure from the mother band “Condanna”. Departing typically from an American sound and their big love for Swedish Death Metal, the first demo-tape “Morituro” gone out on January of 1997, under the moniker of BODY GRINDER.

1998 - 2000

On March of the same year, they were contacted by “Elegy Records”, small Italian label from Catania, so they went out respectively “Hate From Heaven” in 1998 and “Area 51” in 2000, in this time they change the moniker RISING MOON. In these years the line-up of this band followed many changes, many guitarists, bassplayers and singers took over above all for when it concerns the live aspect but the founders members always remained the same, still today in their record studio they always are Angelo and Carmine that record their music.

2001 - 2002

In 2001 they record a promo containing five songs entitled “European Aliens”, this was reprinted by Swedish label “Metal Fortress Entertainment” in fully grown MCD digipack. in next month they will record their third official album entitled “…For The Remained Time”. During these years they are followed concerts and festival with Italian bands: Stormlord, Novembre, Necrodeath, Inchiuvatu, Mortuary Drape…

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