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August 21st 2008 - “Ravenscry” formed from the ashes of an older italian rock band called “Sand of time”. The line-up included Paul Raimondi on guitar, Andrea “Fagio” Fagiuoli on bass and Simon Carminati on drums. Shortly right after guitar player Mauro Paganelli was asked to join the band. Auditioning for the singer was another story - but after going through numerous vocalists, they finally found (all the away in Rome) exactly what they where looking for - the very talented Giulia Stefani - which became the voice of “Ravenscry”.

The members’ background: Giulia has played lead roles in musicals since she was a teenager and then she improved her technical skills thanks to important collaborations with vocal coaches such as Mr. Albert Hera. Someone surely remembers of Paul playing the drums in the Italian band “Hyperion” released by the German label Massacre Records. During the years after the Hyperion experience he was able to familiarize himself with many other music instruments and his determination and skills brought life to the one-man-band project “CreHate”, which received great reviews from critics. Fagio studied the piano for several years and this helped him to find the right instrument for expressing his talent, the bass guitar. Simon grips the sticks in his hands since he was ten years old and he still refines his technique with the help of the session drummer Alfredo Golino (Eros Ramazzotti, Laura Pausini, Alejandro Sanz and many others). The guitar fell in Mauro’s hands when he was fourteen and he immediately began to explore, as a self-taught, every aspect of the metal and rock music.


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