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  • et_volour

    If this is what it truly sounds like, l only wish my ears were sensitive enough to hear every atom split.

    Febbraio 2010
  • gfckyrslf

    Me like !

    Maggio 2009
  • Iggy248


    Gennaio 2008
  • kem1kal

    gorgeous album and was anyone else captivated by the little hidden track at the end? (of falling in the sea at the speed of snow part 2)

    Gennaio 2008
  • pimmka

    Very nice!

    Ottobre 2007
  • naomijade


    Ottobre 2007
  • pallas42

    This album kicks major ass, as does every Gooom release I've listened to. You can order most Gooom releases online if you use PayPal, even if you live outside of Europe. Here's the link:

    Settembre 2007
  • bigbootybitches

    need to get my hands on groom tracks...not having much luck

    Luglio 2007
  • JohnnieAsian

    where can i get their cd?

    Maggio 2007
  • Hamed888

    Where can I listen to this?

    Febbraio 2007
  • Dan-83


    Febbraio 2007
  • LikeaTree

    Utterly amazing.

    Agosto 2006