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“Pain and Hallelujah”
Kitchen Records 2009

album review by John Stewart

With more than ten years having elapsed since their last official release it’s good to hear that Prussia are still alive and kicking.

In this new 2009 collection (a mixture of old and new material) we get the sweetly melodic, yet darkly sinister, “Sanity”, the dark, funereal throb of “Creeps in Slow”, and the pained, agonised lament that is “Make it Last”. In short, we get all of the dark and timeless elements we’ve come to expect from this great Berlin band.

In the psychobilly thrash of “Princes and Queens” we are privy to the futile hopes, dreams and desires of a 21st Century everyman, looking for everything and wanting it all but destined of course to find nothing. But let’s not get too downhearted for him because he’ll soon be on his feet again for the wild, electro craziness of “Carnival is Over”, a positive head-rush of a song, frantic, frenetic and frankly perfect for kick-starting any Saturday evening – even for a sad, old 21st Century man. Featuring some dazzling fretwork by long-time collaborator, Little Mike, this is a real party animal, with its loops and its wails and its juddering pulse-beat you can be sure that the carnival is only just getting started.
Elsewhere, “My Sickness” pleads for answers to some eternal questions concerning the tangled relationships into which we weave ourselves, while “Colours” - with its effortless vocals and lazy delivery – offers a psychedelic journey to the junction where Carnaby Street and Haight Ashbury meet in Manchester sometime during 1989.


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