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The story of PREACH began in late 2006 when Niklas Eriksson (drums) and Jimmy Axelsson (bass) met Edvin Settervik (guitars) and
his brother on their way to Swedish Metal Expo in Stockholm.
Niklas, spontaneous as he is, engaged in a conversation with Edvins brother and mentioned that his current band had just split up and that he and Jimmy were looking for members for a new project. This caught Edvins attention and interest. The guys jammed with each other a couple of times and later on Carl Lundvall grabbed a hold of the microphone and became the front man of PREACH.


In 2008, Magnus Grönberg joined PREACH on guitars and the band finally felt complete. The band did alot of shows in the Stockholm area and kept on honing their skills and refining their sound. They ended the year as one of the 2 supporting acts at DEGRADEAD’s christmas show at Tantogården.


In late 2009, after a bunch of well received gigs at Stockholm venues such as Pub Anchor, Harry B. James and Klubben the band set their sights on Europe.

The band has so far done a couple of gigs in Germany and they have been on tour in Finland with SOULFALLEN and DESCEND.

The gigs outside of Sweden has proven that PREACH is a band that pours their heart and soul into their music and that they really deliver their best everytime and in july 2010 they are booked for the Metal Splash Open Air festival in Rotenburg, Germany.

Make sure to follow this band for they are indeed destined for great things!


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