The Chain 'Letting Go' Out Now

1 Apr 2009 | da

Its out! on Beatport exclusively and then on 12" in a few weeks.

Buy it here

And now, what self promoting release blog would be complete without the token narcissistic list of DJ reactions?...

DJ HELL (VARIOUS) – “Very good!! I will play it!!!
Letting Go xx”

LUCIANO (CADENZA) – Will play Geo. 5/5.

FRANCOIS K (DEEP SPACE NYC) – Like both sides, would love to play this out if I had wavs. 4/5. 

HERNAN CATTANEO (VARIOUS) – “Letting Go is very very good.”

AGORIA (VARIOUS) – “Love this record, will play it for sure, both sides, love that old school vibe.”


AUDIOFLY (VARIOUS) – “Hmmm… I think its Geo for us all the way.”

SVEN VT (WATERGATE – BERLIN) – “Geo is the one for me. Sublime and haunting Motor City vibe.

ASHLEY BEEDLE (X-PRESS 2) – Thanks for this, absolutely love it. Techno to swoon to. Will be giving it big support!

JD TWITCH (OPTIMO) – Really like the A-side

KIKI (B-PITCH/VARIOUS) – Thanks! I really like both tracks!

SLAM (SOMA) – Great label. Liking Geo.

DANTON EEPROM (FONDATION) – Geo – nice one! Glad R&S are

ANGEL MOLINA (LOFT / BARCELONA) – This is really good! Classic sound, epic techno mixed with Detroit emo. My support!

NICK WARREN (VARIOUS) – Two stunners here, set to be another
classic on R&S

ROB MELLO (VARIOUS) – Really like Geo. Does actually have a hint of the old school Mr Craig about it. Now that can’t be bad!

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