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  • Psychedelic_89

    хочется уйти высоко в горы, где космос соприкасается с землей

    4 Set 16:08 Rispondi
  • Acid_Witch

    Музыка просто завораживающая.

    4 Ago 16:25 Rispondi
  • Iarna

    Just checked. Amusing, surely an error.

    21 Giu 12:39 Rispondi
  • Infinal

    For being just your interpretation, that’s shockingly accurate, as reflected by the Highelvetia website’s new material. Apparently “Und so Gehen Wir…” was called “Und so Landen Wir…” at first.

    20 Giu 14:36 Rispondi
  • t0ffo

    Interesting video about Nychts picture:

    17 Giu 10:20 Rispondi
  • Iarna

    Exactly, just like "Nychts" does not means "nothing" but "Nothingness". I dont know if its right, but here is my interpretation. As "Wie Sternenstaub" was composed in 2008 like "Und So gehen WIr...", I suppose they go together : "Und so gehen wir... wie Sternenstaub". Roughly : "And this is how we are going/evolving... just like Stardust.". More in the sens, this is our powerless condition, brought here and there by stellar winds. Or turning around the Sun. Just my interpretation :)

    17 Giu 6:01 Rispondi
  • Infinal

    “Aus dem Nichts zu den Sternen” does translate to “From nothingness to the stars”, yes.

    16 Giu 16:49 Rispondi
  • GamerOfDK

    @larna: Damnit, I always forget that "wie" has different meanings. I should REALLY brush up my german now. It is always the little details that gets me wrong. But still, "Wie Sternenstaub" is quite a bland statement. "Aus dem Nichts zu dem Sternen" really sums up the experience I've had with Nychts so far, so I find it appropriate for a last album. But since my german is rusty, can you please correct me if I am wrong that the "Aus dem Nichts zu den Sternen" can be translated to "From Nothing(ness) (or from the Void?) to the stars"?

    16 Giu 16:22 Rispondi
  • Iarna

    @GamerOfDK : "Wie Sternenstaub" is not at all a question, it means "Like Stardust", in the sens "Just like Stardust".

    16 Giu 4:46 Rispondi
  • GamerOfDK

    @larna: Thank you for the correction. As a matter of fact, "Aus dem Nichts zu den Sternen" sounds much more poetic than the easily answered question of "Wie Sternenstaub" (I speak German as my 4th language). I am glad that I am not the only one who hopes that Ash's vocals will not be on the release.But if the album really will be released in DSD format, I feel sorry for many of you who will probably not be able to listen to it on release. Well, Foobar2000 has a plugin for DSD, but it seemingly converts the signal to PCM, which results in a sub-par experience. I really hope it will be released in DCD, though. My Auralic Vega haven't had a lot of fun... I will probably be silent on this page from now on, until we get some "official" statements.

    1 Giu 22:25 Rispondi
  • t0ffo

    Wall of text but don't have all millionen songs by Nychts from 2003-2014 years, so fuckin' good reality guys.

    1 Giu 16:05 Rispondi
  • mouritsdebeer

    All these walls of text.

    31 Mag 16:20 Rispondi
  • Iarna

    @GamerOf DK This is probably why none of these were released: cuts, tries, demo, raw. By the way, the new album's name is not "Wie Sternenstaub" but "Aus dem Nichts zu den Sternen", consisting of two long tracks "Am Abend eines Mannes" and " Aus dem Nichts zu den Sternen" and 7 short tracks (if I remember correctly) forming an outro part called "Wie Sternenstaub", with (I hope not) Ash's vocals.

    30 Mag 6:52 Rispondi
  • GamerOfDK

    Infinal, it was a sarcastic remark. It was just my Danish humour that could not be withheld. We are damned strange in this country. Regarding your comments on the collaboration between Nychts and Ash, I find that even I-CR1.1N-V8N is (excuse my choice of words) downright awful. It sounds like Ash's vocals is the work of some happy-go-lucky German folksinger, edited to sound spacey. Although I may be subjected to some cognitive bias, I feel that the plan to have Ash in the final mix of Wie Sternenstaub to be scrapped totally. I at least hope so, so this project won't end on a sour note. Toffo's shout from 2012 suggests that 1 hour of Wie Sternenstaub will be without Ash (yay, a listenable hour). Sorry for my mindless chattering, I don't even know why the fuck we are discussing anything, actually. I just suspect that "AshNargaroth" is a fake user. I hope that Ash doesn't really write/speak with the sociolect of a 8 year old. At least his Jahreszeiten record is decent.

    29 Mag 0:46 Rispondi
  • lamedelavie

    Good night Infinal. Actually, I am afraid to become soon some crying baby about the band not doing exactly what I wanted them to do. Maybe there should be a balance between criticism, fair opinions, and the thing I would call "they should do this, they should not do that, because I like it better". I don't know how tough. That was the feeling about me. That's why I step back now. I shouldn't publish anymore. Maybe you're right. Also, I did not intend to express others' opinion - that should be made clear. About Ash, well, thinking about it, it becomes obvious that he got Nychts material (at least part of it) without giving credits. It was more than clear with Iarna's findings, on the pdf in his website. But it is also obvious that he wouldn't do that without approval, since both them are clearly friends, they compose together etc. And we knew it before his appearance. Considering that, the real imputation of stealing material (in the term of taking it without approval) was reckless.

    28 Mag 4:26 Rispondi
  • Infinal

    […] The criticism, or rather the concern, uttered here was not unfounded or unfair. I don’t doubt for a second the new album, should it be released, should it feature Ash’s vocals and lyrics, will be unfathomably great – “I-CR1.1N-V8N” is a magnificent track, in part thanks to Ash’s work! But I feel it might be even better if the vocals stayed in the style I’ve grown to love, especially since changing them to ‘regular’ black metal ones might come across as yielding to the countless critics who loathed the singing in the releases so far (although Huldrelokk has made it quite clear that, excuse my vulgar language, the band doesn’t give a fuck about what people think). Of course nobody knows better what Nychts is about than Trähn, but fans, themselves a token of appreciation, should be allowed to voice fair opinions. If you resent criticism altogether, your only option is not to publish anything.

    28 Mag 3:48 Rispondi
  • Infinal

    These completely interchangeable conversations are tedious… Yes and no, lamedelavie. While you do certainly have a point, I do not think the band has been bashed or derided without reason here. Yes, the conversation has sidetracked to some mindless chatter (and even users overtly hitting on others) with a source of information (Huldrelokk, Iarna) that doesn’t lead it yet still lets just enough information seep through to keep the embers stoked. It’s bound to happen. Ash intervened not because people had a bad hunch regarding his participation in the upcoming album but because he was accused of stealing Trähn’s work and publishing it as his own. He was being kinda mean in his defense, but he said what he felt was necessary and then left it at that. […]

    28 Mag 3:48 Rispondi
  • lamedelavie

    @Nychts: (part. 2) Now, I share a thought Neige said to angry fans about Alcest's Shelter, "who knows better than Trähn what Nychts is really about". He knows, not us. Which follows that, if something with Ash comes up really good, I'm sure he will release under the name of Nychts. And I know it's gonna be great. And we'll love it. Otherwise, it will remain unreleased and is probably gonna be used somewhere else, by someone else, with the approval of Trähn, like it was in this case.

    28 Mag 2:12 Rispondi
  • lamedelavie

    @Nychts: (part. 1) If someone from Nychts follows this conversation, I would ask not to get mad with us. All the mess and noise we make, and all we are discussing here comes from our really great wish to know / hear everything about you. We actually love you! Yeah, that's a fact. It's fine if you keep on working with Ash. Maybe I have been rude to Ash with the things said here. I've been thinking. It only happened because we placed Nychts in the King's chair, we wanted it "pure". Not that Nargaroth is bad - and we maybe have been misunderstood here - but Nargaroth is different from what we wanted to listen. "We wanted", it's selfish.

    28 Mag 2:06 Rispondi
  • lamedelavie

    @Iarna: Thanks for making it clear about "Odd". We're better wait then for what is to come.

    28 Mag 1:43 Rispondi
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