New Model Army are an English rock band. They are widely known for their unwavering commitment to their original vision of music and performance and their ethical code. Therefore they are often labelled as a punk band. Besides punk, they have also been classified as post-punk, folk rock, indie rock, gothic rock, rock noir and even metal amongst others. Their music is often regarded as intense, angry, and powerful, some might even say militant. However their repertoire is much wider and more subtle than that and also includes quieter, more emotive and softer material often featuring performed acoustically. Thus it would be inaccurate to simply classify them as any of these genres. Rather one should recognise them for what they really are; a very versatile underground cult rock band with many different musical roots. They have toured and recorded constantly for over 26 years and continue to do so and are considered a seminal influence by many contemporary younger rock bands.

The band was named after the English revolutionary army of Oliver Cromwell. Led by guitarist / vocalist, Justin Sullivan (who performed briefly under the name ‘Slade The Leveller’ in the early 1980s), the group has an extremely loyal, global, multi-generational cult following called The Family. The band has also collaborated with electric violinist Ed Alleyne-Johnson, who worked with them on their Top 40 single “Vagabonds”, and their albums Thunder & Consolation and Impurity, as well as touring extensively with them for five years. New Model Army frequently tour with more than five band members.

The group also tours as ‘Justin Sullivan and Friends’, which means a more acoustic set without some players (which ones varies), and is linked to Red Sky Coven, in which Justin Sullivan also plays. In early 2003, Sullivan released Navigating By The Stars, a solo album recorded with other band members and featuring Michael Dean on drums, Dean White on guitar and keyboards, Danny Thompson on double bass, and Mark Feltham on harmonica.

After a short tour at the end of 2004, the group returned to the studio to record their ninth studio album, Carnival. EMI recently released a couple of remixed earlier albums. As the band themselves say it: “Although there is nothing new within the packages they have been very sympathetically re-packed and remastered and do sound very, very good.”

The next studio album entitled ‘High’ has been recorded and mixed, and is due for release on August 20th 2007 (August 21st in North America).

In 2004 their one-time drummer and founding member, Robert Heaton, died of pancreatic cancer.

One of their other members, Ricky Warwick went on to form The Almighty.

Years active: 1980–present

Justin Sullivan
Michael Dean
Dean White
Marshall Gill

Former members:
Stuart Morrow
Ed Alleyne-Johnson
Robert Heaton
Jason Harris
Ricky Warwick
Dave Blomberg


Studio albums

* Vengeance - The Independent Story (1984)
* No Rest For The Wicked (1985)
* The Ghost Of Cain (1986)
* Thunder & Consolation (1989)
* Impurity (1990)
* The Love Of Hopeless Causes (1993)
* Strange Brotherhood (1998)
* Eight (2000)
* Carnival (2005)
* High (Due for release - summer 2007)

Live albums

* Raw Melody Men (1991)
* BBC Radio One Live In Concert (1990)
* Big Guitars in Little Europe - Justin Sullivan/Dave Blomberg (1999)
* All Of This – The “Live” Rarities (1999)
* …& Nobody Else (1999)


* Radio Sessions 83-84 (1985)
* B Sides And Abandoned Tracks (1994)
* Small Town England (1997)
* History - The Singles 85-91 (1992)
* New Model Army 3 x CD (2000)
* History – The Best of New Model Army (2001)
* The Best (2001)
* Lost Songs (2002)
* Great Expectations – The Singles Collection (2003)
* Original 20 (2004)
* The Collection (2004)


* “Adrenalin” (1986)
* “Lights Go Out” and “Poison Street” (Extended Mixes) (1987)
* “New Model Army” (1987)

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