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My Awesome Mixtape


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Bologna, Italia (2006 – presente)

My Awesome Mixtape’s story starts, like that of many other bands, in their bedroom.

That’s where, at the tail end of 2006, Maolo, Checco and Bebo – three spritely Bolognese regaz – half-jokingly start making music. Mixing and matching their favourite styles, they end up generating an original mix of indie rock, hip hop and electronica, the kind you cannot fail to dance to.

In the space of a few months, the band’s first songs become the talk of the town, and soon enough they are hailed everywhere as Italy’s next big thing.
At that point, leaving the bedroom to go out and play with the big kids is almost mandatory. After a few changes in line-up and solo experiments, My Awesome Mixtape become a fivesome: Maolo Torreggiani, Andrea Mancin, Andrea Sologni, Alessandro Scagliarini and Federico Spadoni. Their first album, titled “My Lonely and Sad Waterloo”, is published as a co-production between Italian labels My Honey Records and I dischi dell’amico immaginario, on September 8th 2007.

Upon the album’s release, the band has already played in half the country’s live venues, and tries successfully to go abroad and export their music in the rest of Europe.
At the end of 2008, MAM’s “Neverending Tour” will have lined up a smashing 158 live gigs, and gained the band an award as Best Live Band of the season at the annual Meeting of Independent Labels in Faenza.


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