• Something I picked up: Fennesz - Black Sea (Touch, 2008)

    Gen 26 2009, 4:08 di jetjag

    Fennesz - Black Sea (Touch, 2008)

    I've already written a very brief bit about this, so am trying to think if I can add anything more illuminating...

    With each album Fennesz's stuff seems to get quieter. And in some ways it's a bit of a disappointment, because he's so good at sneaking in touches of beauty and prettiness amidst harsh noise and there are now a zillion other producers making textured ambience out of oh-so-restrained distortion. While the distortion is there, it sounds much more tame. Still, the brutal stuff is still available on his earlier albums, and I put this on my end of year list of a reason. It's great.

    One of the nicest things that comes through is that Fennesz is still being really adventurous when you pay enough attention. Amidst the washy chords there's all kinds of detail, from Martin Ng bowl-like sounds on The Colour of Three through sparse, high-end hissing to the almost Michael Brooks-style clean guitar that echoes about when the waves subside at the album's close.