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Aggiunta da Kanbya in data 3 Set 2009
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  • Kanbya

    No! Jaymz himself said in an interview that in concerts fans try to take Cliff`s rings from his fingers....after Cliff died he tooked his man...

    11 Set 2009 Rispondi
  • Ryancakes

    I remember reading that although James' ring looks similar to the one of Cliff's right hand.. it's just a replica that James bought off the guy who did Cliff's as homage to Cliff. Haha what a red neck.

    11 Set 2009 Rispondi
  • metal_head01

    Of course he will :)

    6 Set 2009 Rispondi
  • Kanbya

    Maybe Jaymz will give u one of the two rings and he will give me the other one :D

    4 Set 2009 Rispondi
  • metal_head01

    Skull Rings!! I want 'em too!!

    3 Set 2009 Rispondi