• The Mariner's Musical Voyage: 5/6 - 5/13 (Bright Eyes + more)

    Mag 29 2007, 6:24 di TheMariner

    After my 4 day exodus to Coachella the week prior, I would have thought i'd be done with going to shows for a while. I don't know what it was about this years Coachella but I was ready to keep going after I got back. Luckily my first show back wasn't a bust.

    Bright Eyes, Oakley Hall, and Mccarthy Trenching at Soma, San Diego (5/8/07):
    First off, i've got a bit of a rant, not about the show
    itself, but the venue:

    This was my first time at Soma and I was not impressed. The security there was very uptight, even going over to the sports arena parking lot and making kids dump out their sodas (which may or may not have had booze in them). Soma is in a small shopping center with other stores...can Soma security really go to another parking lot and hassle people about their drinks or for hanging out by their cars? I'm also not fond of the pat-downs before entry but whatever. Where was all the security when some guy lit up his joint in the middle of the crowd? Oh, I can answer that... …
  • The Mountain Goats w/ David Dondero (Oslo, 04.03.2007)

    Apr 6 2007, 18:16 di Rubyroth

    A review of The Mountain Goats and David Dondero gig at Garage, Oslo, April 3.


    It has been a while since I first heard talk about The Mountain Goats. I was about to begin my venture into indie land, and they were among the first bands I got recommended by several people and Internet sites. I checked some of their material out and was immediately overwhelmed by a lo-fi sound characterized by narrative lyrics, a dominant, nasal voice and sparse guitar playing. But even though their (or am I supposed to say his?) music seemed to hit the spot, I unfortunately «forgot» it, as I was introduced to a lot of new music at the time.

    It was not until a year and a half or so later I picked them up again. And even more so than the first time around, the music hit me like a ton of bricks. The lyrics and the stories told seemed even more witty, well-written and astute than they previously had, and I was hooked. I wound up buying Tallahassee