• Matt Northrup

    Apr 4 2012, 6:37 di nomoremilk

    New review:
    Mr. Matt Northrup from North Carolina fools us with the manic guitars a la My Bloody Valentine introduction to the album’s first track, but “World of Taste” soon begins to resemble old-school ’80s synth music, with all the optimism of early electronic music retained (the pioneers of the genre seemed so sure technology would make our life so much better). In the album’s second track “Pluralizing” he surprises us once again making directionless (compliment!) but calming ambient guitar music, the soundtrack to a walk in the forest. We keep listening, intrigued by the artist’s adventurous spirit, and in the brief “Gentlemen Callers” we are treated to Steve Reich-like minimalism, which soon turns into a rainbow of guitar and keyboard sounds as Northrup seems to get bored with his own music when it’s too disciplined.

    The more esoteric “Song A” is a meditative experience that unfortunately doesn’t last long, but the drone in the background more than makes up for its brevity. …