• Jacob Young - "Sideways"

    Mar 3 2008, 6:51 di Shu_Gi

    The atmosphere of this music is like being in an abandoned factory-building, watching ghostly imaginations of the past and maybe even distant future floating by. Its melancholic music, but not depressing.

    This is beautiful music, all the tracks are fascinating played compositions.


    For a start try these tracks:
    Near South End
    Hanna's Lament


    Jacob Young guitars
    Mathias Eick trumpet
    Vidar Johansen bass clarinet, tenor saxophone
    Mats Eilertsen double-bass
    Jon Christensen drums
  • Biography of Tord Gustavsen

    Set 3 2007, 14:03 di milanello

    The oldest of five children, Gustavsen was born in Oslo, October 5th 1970. He moved to the village Hurdal in Akershus, Norway in 1973, where his brothers and sisters were all born. He grew up in this rural area, while always having the city of Oslo as a cultural point of reference. Playing the piano since the age of 4, Gustavsen started composing and improvising before learning to read music and perform classical pieces. (Being deeply grateful to his father for bringing music into his life the way he did.) Gustavsen played in churches and local settings of different kinds, combining classical training with writing his own songs and performing gospel music and jazz-fusion. He played the piano with choirs ("Sarepta", Jessheim Ten Sing "Yessing"), and vocal-piano quintet "Ichtys", while attending school at Kjerkekretsen barneskole (primary school), Hurdal ungdomsskole (secondary school), and Jessheim videregående skole (high school). …