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MasterdoM borns in spring 2005 by Daniele Vento (Keyboards) and the twins Simone (Drummer) and Thomas Frediani (Guitarrist); later write in also Giuseppe Bifulco (Bassist) and Mirko Carrubba (Guitarrist). Two mounth later Iacopo Farnocchia is called to the band as a singer. At the beginning the main genre was a Power / Epic Metal equipped with a strong personality. Afterwards the wroting of some songs, Mirko Carrubba walk out on the band (’cause of work engagement) but immediately is swapped by Simone Del Carlo.

MasterdoM released first Demo’Cd “Angelic Riot” on 2006, during the 2006/2007 the band shows off many times and takes part also to many music competition, as “Cencio’s Contest”, always reaching the final steps (placed at the second position in national “Emergenza Festival 2008″). In july 2007 more than the out of the bassist Giuseppe Bifulco (in very friendly way), moved to Bologna for study. The research of a new bassist leads the band to Davide Paganin and at the same time to abandon the Power / Epic Metal genre in favour of a classic Heavy Metal, characterized by Hard Rock, Progressive and sometimes Epic influences. All theese things caused necessarily the total erasing of the repertoire played until that time.
In 2008/2009 (after nearly an year out of live events) MasterdoM plays in many pubs and in November they publish the second cd Demo titled, “The Metal Goddess”. On April 2010 Davide Paganin left the band; Giovanni “Iron” Maida is the new bass player but his experience on MasterdoM is very short: In august He left the band. One mounth later Andrea Moroni join MasterdoM band (ex-Sammy Curr bassist).

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