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    Giu 20 2012, 15:39 di HighWay17

    Любимые вокалистки, часть вторая. Favorite female vocalists, part two

    10. Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (Silent Hill OST)

    Что послушать: "Silent Hill 3 OST" (2003), "Silent Hill 4: The Room OST" (2004)
    Listen to: "Silent Hill 3 OST" (2003), "Silent Hill 4: The Room OST" (2004)

    09. Henriette Sennenvaldt (Under Byen)

    Что послушать: "Samme Stof Som Stof" (2006)
    Listen to: "Samme Stof Som Stof" (2006)

    08. Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth)

    Что послушать: "A Thousand Leaves" (1998)
    Listen to: "A Thousand Leaves" (1998)

    07. Оля и Лена (Flёur)

    Что послушать: "Сияние" (2004)
    Listen to: "Сияние" (2004)

    06. Elizabeth Fraser (Cocteau Twins)

    Что послушать: "Treasure" (1984)
    Listen to: "Treasure" (1984)

    05. Geike Arnaert (ex-Hooverphonic)

    Что послушать: "Blue Wonder Power Milk" (1998), "The President Of The LSD Golf Club" (2007)

    Gen 25 2012, 13:27 di MeitanteiSonoko

    Love itself is just as innocent as roses in May...
    I know nothing can drive it away...
    Love itself is just as brief as a candle in the wind...
    But it’s greedy... just like sin...
    Alone,.. but sane...
    I am a love suicide...There's a time when you want the game OST in your player. Even if you don't like the game itself. So, here's my little list. If the game title is underlined, I like the game too. If not, well, it's only music for me ~_^ Also, list was supposed to have one song per game Kondō Kōji-san, Frank Klepacki and other incredible composers].

    • L'Arc~en~Ciel - Drink It Down [Devil May Cry 4]
    • Robyn Miller - MYST Theme [MYST]
    • Peter Gabriel - Curtains [MYST IV: Revelation]
    • Kondō Kōji - Overworld [Zelda no Densetsu: Kamigami no Triforce]
    • Kondō Kōji - The Song of Storms [Zelda no Densetsu: Toki no Okarina]
    • Darren Korb - Setting Sail, Coming Home (End Theme) [Bastion]

    Ago 12 2010, 9:06 di HoneySmile

    It started long before me...
    I never saw it comin'...
    The distance, the promise...
    A state of isolation...
    And in my darkest nightmare...
    Things that I can't remember...
    The answer, is drowning, this pain will last forever.
    My father...
    His duty...
    His orders...
    My brother...
    The promise...
    The breaking...
    The missing...
    The torture...
    The madness...
    The sadness...
    Can this be?
    Or is it?

    The shadow cast before me...
    A walk inside your circle...
    Protect me...
    Correct me...
    You got your orders, soldier...
    Inside my head is humming...
    Sometimes I hear them coming...
    The power... Сила
    Believing... Доверие
    The hate I hate believing...
    Where is this?
    It can't be...
    Who are you?
    I know you...
    You wouldn't...
    Or would you?
    Don't fight me!
    Ignite me!
    My trigger...
    Your finger...
    Your darkness...
    I know it...
    Come forward!
    I've seen it!
    I mean it!
    Your power, is over!
  • Silent Hill: Shattered Memories OST - review

    Gen 8 2010, 17:39 di Mr_Elvis

    Akira Yamaoka’s farewell to Silent Hill

    For over a decade, composer Akira Yamaoka’s work with the Silent Hill series has been considered one of the most spectacular collaborations in the video game industry. The first “Silent Hill”, released for PSX in 1999, radically changed the role of game music – rather than simply serving as a background element, it became an integral part of the player experience. Yamaoka created an innovative spectrum of sounds to accompany the game’s action, and both music and game worked symbiotically to create Silent Hill’s characteristic sepulchral horror mood. On subsequent Silent Hill releases, Yamaoka’s musical genius continued to impress gamers. By combining a vast array of musical genres (including dark ambient, industrial, trip-hop, rock, metal, and a variety of electronic styles) with a number of experimental elements, the composer has created a sequence of memorable soundtracks that encapsulate the series’ uncanny atmosphere of anxiety and constant tension. …
  • VGM Femme mixtape

    Set 28 2009, 16:09 di hdsander

    After ignoring the soundtracks of video games for years I recently received the "Video Game Music - Femme" mixtape from my friend TheOnlyPhoenix, compiling epic 36 tracks of awesome tunes featuring female vocals from miscellaneous video game soundtracks. I'm still busy listening to the 170 minutes of impressive music but found some new favorites voices yet. Especially Mary Elizabeth McGlynn impresses me deeply, it seems as also to be worthwhile to get familiar with the composers of this genre. Just one thing still won't make my to-do list: playing the games. ;)


    Calling to the Night - Akihiro Honda
    :: Metal Gear 20th Anniversary ~ Metal Gear Music Collection
  • Top de la semana! yeah

    Mar 1 2009, 6:41 di Kattusama

    Top 10 de la semana

    1.- Connie Francis- Siboney (Album 2046)
    2.-Mary Elizabeth McGlynn - One More Soul To The Call (Album Silent Hill Homecoming Soundtrack / Año 2008)
    3.-A R Rahman & M.I.A. - O...Saya (Album Slumdog Millionaire Soundtrack / Año 2008)
    4.- GO!GO!7188- Ukifune (Album Tegami/ Año 2003)
    5.-MONORAL - Sparta (Album Turbulence / Año 2007)
    6.-Jim Noir - My patch (Album Tower Of Love / Año2006)
    7.-YUKI- Fugainaiya (Album WAVE / Año2006)
    8.-Battles - Atlas (Album Mirrored / Año2007)
    9.-Tokyo Jihen - Genjitsu wo Warau (Album Kyouiku / Año2004 )
    10.-Santa Esmeralda - Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood (Album Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood / Año1994 )

    This songs are my favorites in this week *-* Siboney Rulzzz!!!
    Siboney... yo te quiero yo me muero por tu amor...
    Siboney... si no vienes me morire de amor
    Siboney.... en mus sueños te espero con....
  • Silent Hill: Zero Soundtrack Review

    Set 15 2008, 16:28 di Pasya

    The fifth volume in the musical history of the provincial town Silent Hill belongs to the Silent Hill: Zero - the first game of the popular game series developed for the portable console, Sony PSP. The project appeared to be debatable, to say the least. Konami Corporation, the renowned Japanese developer and the largest publisher all in one, gave its baby for adoption to British studio Climax Group (it is noteworthy that the topic of adoption is an important story line of Silent Hill games).

    Usually developers delegate to external studios only some part of the work, for example, composing the soundtrack or developing three-dimensional models of, let us say, monsters. Konami went further, wholly and entirely placed the responsibility for the famous horror on the British. However Konami has remained faithful to only one, but very important point. Akira Yamaoka still was responsible for the musical part acting as an executive producer and looking after the development.

    Read more

  • Kino Movies

    Giu 6 2008, 12:20 di sk8rgrlzzz


    It's Summer. I've been out of school for a few weeks now. Thanks to that, I've been wasting away while watching random movies. Thanks to those movies, I've stumbled upon some new artists and songs that I hadn't heard of. And so.. That is the purpose of this journal. (:

    1. Inches and Falling by The Format
    Movie: Wedding Daze
    This is the opening song for the movie. Catches you're attention really. Very catchy. The song is about being in love and not caring what it does to you. The chorus: "I love love, I love being in love I don't care what it does to me." It's vague, I know. But if you dissect and analyze the song, you begin to understand the meaning behind the words. (That's a joke.)

    2. Bright Side by Lissie
    This song is also from Wedding Daze. This came on after the credits and after the previous "Inches and Falling" song. What made me take notice of this is that it starts "It's just me and my puppy. Together were so very happy." Cute right? Puppies. …
  • top artist surveyy

    Mar 17 2008, 11:25 di runawaytrain

    1. How did you get into 29 ?(Chiasm)
    back in forever ago, when i was in seventh grade, there was this good friend of mine who i looked up to very much. she introduced me to this artist, and i think therefor laid the ground for my industrial/techno preferences.

    2. What was the first song you ever heard by 22? (Abandoned Pools)
    The Remedy

    3. What's your favorite lyric by 33? (Róisín Murphy)
    Is this how it feels to kiss the same?

    4. What is your favorite album by 49? (Symphony X)
    Paradise Lost

    5. How many albums by 13 do you own? (Ministry)
    all of them, except for the two before their first industrial album.

    6. What is your favorite song by 50? (Castlevania)
    Tower of Execution

    7. Is there a song by 39 that makes you sad? (Moi dix Mois)

    8. What is your favorite song by 15? (Sanagi)
    Definitely Porcupine or Dirty

    9. What is your favorite song by 5? (Charlotte Martin)
    Bones. That song is so fitting of me.

  • Female Rock Compilation - I Need Your Help

    Feb 17 2008, 3:05 di Zer0_II

    I'm working on putting together an all female rock compilation, with the theme obviously being female fronted rock bands. It will be the first in a series that I'm working on simply titled "Digital Meltd0wn Presents:"; not very exciting, I know, but the music, liner notes, and album art will make up for it. Some of the artists/bands I am considering featuring are:

    Babes in Toyland, The Runaways, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, PJ Harvey, Jack Off Jill,The Donnas, Veruca Salt, Daisy Chainsaw, Queen Adreena, Kittie, Betty X, The Avengers, HorrorPops, Lydia Lunch, Bitch Alert, Velcra, Roxy Saint, The Gits, Sahara Hotnights, Sexpod, Fluffy, The Soviettes, My Ruin, Bikini Kill, 7 Year Bitch, The Distillers, L7, The Kills, Devotchkas, Bif Naked, Rasputina, Penetration, The Slits, Pain Teens, Lunachicks, Sleater-Kinney

    Now I could use your help. I know you wonderful people are aware of some hard rocking chicks that aren't on this list, so please let me know of any artists, bands, or particular songs (preferably NOT mainstream)…