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Aggiunta da Keiyuu88 in data 2 Giu 2007
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  • pinkmakona


    15 Mar 2012 Rispondi
  • Espectro75


    2 Set 2011 Rispondi
  • Chococooookie

    I just love the entire shooting. It's so great *.*

    1 Mar 2011 Rispondi
  • clytie_hizashi

    This was one of the last pictures of Malice Mizer, if I'm not mistaken. It's quite obvious they were going in a completely different direction. How awesome would it have been if there had been an album with this cyborg look? Maybe in some other timeline...

    26 Lug 2009 Rispondi
  • juugure


    9 Mag 2009 Rispondi
  • Kasshan

    Yu~ki looks so fun, but sadly he just cant beat Kozi.

    4 Mag 2009 Rispondi
  • junk-story

    I think that Közi is the most beautiful in this picture. :'''3

    4 Apr 2009 Rispondi
  • Grace-slick

    Yeah Mana is the cutest one! He always look less creepy than the other!

    7 Mar 2009 Rispondi
  • merrymaus

    Mana-Sama aund red? What was happend?

    2 Feb 2009 Rispondi
  • aijocycling

    How is it possible...that I've been a fan for several years and never came across this picture? I can't believe it. I'm still in hyper shock. Damn. Mana's hair is red...Klaha looks badass as a cyborg...same with Kozi and Yu~ki.

    19 Ago 2008 Rispondi
  • RavenRazorblade

    Mana is the only one who looks still damn gorgeous LOL

    3 Ago 2008 Rispondi