• A View From the End of the World Review

    Nov 5 2010, 17:26 di crazydom

    A View from the End of the World, Machinae Supremacy's newest album, has just come out and I've been listening to it nonstop. As you can most likely tell from my most played list, I am a huge Machinae fan. However, I always have felt they've been going more mainstream with their last two albums. Losing a bit of the gripping extreme SID metal they had in their early releases and on Deus Ex Machinae.

    That is why I'm so glad to report that they've gone back to their roots on this album. It creates not only their best and most consistent album but also surprisingly their most eclectic one. This album combines a little bit of everything that Machinae Supremacy has learned over their first 3 albums and molds it into one excellent package.

    The album kicks off with the melodic death metal title track. It quickly sets the tone and let's newcomers know what they're getting into. Force Feedback pumps it into overdrive, riffing the SID metal sound that we all know and love. …