• Five artists I got into because of Last.fm (Thanks Last.fm)

    Mar 18 2011, 18:32 di InsaneGenius

    Almost five years ago Last.fm was recommended to me by a friend. Since I'm sorta in a mood to write about nothing in particular I thought "Why not pick a particular subject instead?". Witness the result. The following is hot, rough and unedited action. A little bit about five artists I got into because of Last.fm. They are arranged in no particular order. In the end I wont shut up about my own shit, yo.

    1. Rammstein
    Many years I was too cool to listen to Rammstein, I kinda had this opinion in my head that all their songs are boring techno/metal mashups with some deep voice vibrator up their asses. Judging from a few songs I heard. I never listened to an entire album of this, and I know that now, great band at that time. One sunny day, though, I listened to my Recommendation radio (back then it was still free all around the world, yay!) and on came Sonne. A song quite unlike what I believed Rammstein to sound like. And I liked it. …
  • And my sixth album is out.

    Ago 17 2010, 17:49 di InsaneGenius

    Hey guys. I released the final track of my album of Krachfabrik, which I guess means the whole album is out now. And, oh, look. We already got a review.

    Editors Note: Mr. Kniebaum was found lying in his own urine on the floor of his office. he was commited to an asylum the next day. He hasn't talked to anyone since. The following is what was on his computer screen when he was found and must've been the last thing he wrote before he went crazy.

    I'm sitting here after listening to the latest release of an artist called Krachfabrik. The album's name is Klangverschmutzung which is German for Noise Pollution. Or so I've been told. It's a good summary of the album, really. Honest. I wasn't sure I should listen to this. Iroquois von Gaywilliardo, the reviewer of the last Krachfabrik album, committed suicide and blamed the album for taking his will to live.

    Now, I've read another review of Klangverschmutzung already, and the guy who wrote it seems to be fine as ever. So let's give this thing a spin, shall we?
  • Krachfabrik: Second Album "Musik für Hörgeschädigte"

    Gen 28 2009, 20:16 di InsaneGenius

    Musik für Hörgeschädigte (Music for the hearing impaired)

    It's been a little over a month since I released the first album of Krachfabrik I said it was bad... because it was. I said it sucks... because It did suck. That's why I am proud to inform you that this second album sucks approximately 20% less than the first one. Just like the first album (Look, mom! I made music!) this one has exactly twelve tracks. Yes, TWELVE tracks. Combined they are bout 40 minutes long this time, that's twice the length of a Slayer album. As for the style...
    most songs still consist of one melody repeated over and over in slight variations, but there's a bit more diversity here so maybe you'll be disappointed to find a song that doesn't follow that formula. I am sorry for this, but it's just so friggin hard to copy one measure and add one new instrument every few now and thens and accelerate the drum beat when the occasion arises.

    01 Schadenfreude ist die schönste Freude
  • New Krachfabrik Song!!!

    Gen 19 2009, 21:03 di InsaneGenius

    This is the moment everyone has been waiting for.

    A new song by Krachfabrik: One With The Cosmos (#13)
  • Krachfabrik - FIRST ALBUM: Look, mom! I made music!

    Dic 14 2008, 21:19 di InsaneGenius


    The first amazing mediocre piss poor album of Krachfabrik is now completed and all 12 tracks are available for download via Last.fm!!!

    Here's my unbiased review of Look, mom! I made music!: It's super special awesome!!! (Can be considered a monument to the hate for music of all generations ever)

    Track 01: Hot Cross Buns
    A song written for Reunion Of Testicle
    It's supposed lyrics are widely known, but this version doesn't have any.

    Track 02: Army Of Bad Motherfuckers
    That is probably the second least sucky song I made.

    Track 03: Hornet (Hornet)
    A song about the struggles of a young man with hornets.

    Track 04: Heavy Metal Gunfight
    Fuck, is this a pneumatic hammer or something? A.W.E.S.O.M.E.!
    I made that before I decided to release any shit. So that should be an excuse.

    Track 05: Rape the fucking burning dragon who is bleeding to death and gives you a cookie (Krachfabrik version)
    Those are the instrumentals for Rape the fucking burning dragon