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Knorkator was a German band from Berlin that combined heavy metal with comical elements. They proclaimed themselves to be “Germany’s most band in the world” (German: “Deutschlands meiste Band der Welt”), as the title “The best band in the world” was already taken by Die Ärzte. The band was founded in 1994 but only played in the Berlin / Brandenburg area until 1998.

Knorkator gained further fame (and some notoriety) in 2000 with their performance of Ick wer zun Schwein (sic; literally, in Berlin dialect, “I’m turning into a pig”) in the German national qualification for the Eurovision Song Contest.
Knorkator announced the end of the band in a MySpace-Bulletin on June 14th. The last concert was played December 5th in Berlin. Official reason for the bands´ breakup is that Alf Ator wants to leave Germany to begin a new life in Thailand.

Stumpen (or Stumpennsylvania) - vocals
Buzz Dee (or Buzz Deenemark) - guitar
Alf Ator (or Alf Ghanistan) - vocals, keyboards, songwriting, arrangement
Nick Aragua (or Nick Daniels) - drums
Tim Buktu (or Tim Beam) - bass


A (EP) (1995)
The Schlechtst of Knorkator (1998)
Hasenchartbreaker (1999)
Tribute to uns selbst (2001)
High Mud Leader - die 1. (2002, as “High Mud Leader”)
Ich hasse Musik (2003)
Zu alt, (2005; DVD+CD / CD+DVD)
Das nächste Album aller Zeiten (2007)


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