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Keyrthsand is my name. Originally is precise, but I don’t think this is the point.
I make music.
The name is just the key that will allow you all, to trace me whenever you want to be part of a project.
I make sounds and atmospheres from the music of the sixties and seventies.
The truth is that, this is not my job. I earn money doing something else.
That’s why my music will be, for every construction in style, that, I’ll do it just to fly.
I write words and music that will express the happiness of living outside of ordinary plans, I write because I want to be free and because I think in a different way.

It’s music that brings with it, a journey without knowing even the destination.
Every step of this journey it’s suggested by the destiny.
A freeway, a car, of good music, going into a detour of the track, for unkowing places and different situations, new experience for the soul, just a possible luggage.
A route that the reason carry out a minimal role, to fit in imminent situasions, while the decision and the direction of the journey combained of hearings.

I fear myself like the domestic security.
I am looking for the eternal intelligence in the youth, away from every temporary space.
I believe in a grown music capable of concepts in synchronism and of serendipity.
I believe in the sense of the hidden things.
I believe in the perfect journey.
The one that have more heart, the harmony of the dance that the places and the rational contents.
I believe on meeting other travelers that follow their own Arianna’s thread will plaiting them.

My music it’s full of combination, I changed again with gifts, references and at the end it’s resulted differents from every single source.

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