Katie Austra Stelmanis (born 1985) is a Toronto-based Latvian-Canadian musician,
who has performed and recorded both as a solo artist and with the band Austra.

Stelmanis identifies herself as queer

1 Solo career
2 Influences

Solo career

She is classically trained and began performing in the Canadian Children’s Opera Chorus at age 10.
She was subsequently a member of the band Galaxy, along with Maya Postepski and Emma McKenna.

Her debut album, Join Us, was released by Blocks Recording Club, a Toronto-based artistic collective that has supported numerous artists through the years including Owen Pallett, Fucked Up and Bob Wiseman. Her debut single as a solo artist, “Believe Me”, was released by Loog Records and Vice Records on 22 June 2009.

In 2008, Stelmanis appeared on Fucked Up’s album The Chemistry of Common Life. She also contributed tracks to the compilation albums Friends in Bellwoods and Friends in Bellwoods II.

In 2011, she co-wrote and sang on the Death in Vegas songs “Your Loft My Acid” and “Witchdance” from the album Trans-Love Energies.


Katie Stelmanis told the Interview magazine that she “was obsessed with classical music” while growing up. She cites artists such as Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails, and Claude Debussy as influences. Additionally, she takes inspiration from Opera, Chicago house, and Detroit techno.

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