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  • verbcake

    Great album, need to watch the DVD more.

    Febbraio 2013
  • porklandlord

    Hellue - shvittake almnot museeek fffttkkk!

    Agosto 2012
  • pacjentka

    Invocation is epic! [2]

    Agosto 2012
  • flybygraffiti

    Aubade ♥

    Luglio 2012
  • ZmijaKrk

    Invocation is epic!

    Gennaio 2012
  • dr_bun

    love this collaboration and does anyone else think that kaada in that pic looks like nathen barley?

    Novembre 2011
  • solhess

    Kaada/Patton @ CultureWok:

    Agosto 2011
  • davmer2303

    brilliant!! love all his stuff!

    Giugno 2011
  • HippieNiceDream

    Mike Patton ruined music.

    Giugno 2011
  • gaboasa

    i love this stuff!

    Febbraio 2011
  • bramanz

    Patton is a solid generator of stunning sound.

    Gennaio 2011
  • KeSHaHateCreW

    Ребята просто ахуеньчиком!

    Dicembre 2010
  • DavidAmi

    I love the sonic babies, made by these guys!

    Dicembre 2010
  • sadikkaminari

    comentar que, la reseña no está en sí muy estructurada, pero, el album me encanto, es muuuuy bueno.

    Agosto 2010
  • epi_gee

    This weeks featured artists on LAST.FM: THE ROOTS AND BRANCHES OF Mr. Bungle, Faith No More & Mike Patton and all connected groups and artists.

    Agosto 2010
  • MaximumPezcore

    Before, this wasn't really my cup of tea. But I recently sat down and really listened to it, and I just can't get enough of it. I love it.

    Luglio 2010
  • adamcooleyisdea

    the best patton collab by far..

    Giugno 2010
  • Rock-A-Rolla

    Mike Patton is on the cover of the latest issue of Rock-A-Rolla magazine! Check it out here:

    Maggio 2010
  • or_ma


    Febbraio 2010
  • cotohawk

    hermoso disco

    Settembre 2009
  • Jesse99999

    Best ever.

    Giugno 2009
  • Forever_Failure

    Guys, I created another pointless group for Faith No More. Join!

    Maggio 2009
  • danconsiglio


    Aprile 2009
  • MrMusicVibe

    Damn this is crearly Kaada (with some patton in it) how come ppl worship patton even here? =_=

    Febbraio 2009
  • nicolaifer

    patton ?????? un genio!!!

    Gennaio 2009
  • MyKroberts

    Definitely one of the best of the Patton collaborations.

    Dicembre 2008
  • dropouttunein

    Hey Guys, If you like this band, You will like my band.. experimental/post rock/ambient/indie FREE DOWNLOADS ON ALL SONGS

    Dicembre 2008
  • Shaunography

    Novembre 2008
  • sqldario

    Have you ever drunk Caipirinha?Nice!:)

    Ottobre 2008
  • dawnclover

    can't tag it as Kaada/Patton on my player though it always changes it to Kaada, Patton........

    Settembre 2008
  • dawnclover

    this is amazing

    Settembre 2008
  • da-club

    very, very good pure magic music...

    Settembre 2008
  • zen-concrete

    Monty, isn't that a personal thing? You cannot measure music any objective way. So eventually it's about how You feel it. Or does not feel it.

    Settembre 2008
  • susurr0

    I'm liking it so far; another great project by Mr. Patton.

    Settembre 2008
  • Monty__

    "So you have never heard Tomahawk then" Or Fantomas. Or Lovage. Or Peeping Tom. I can continue for a while, I actually have a hard time thinking of anything bad he's done after Bungle.

    Settembre 2008
  • Fuzyfrog

    "the only good thing patton's been involved with since bungle. " So you have never heard Tomahawk then

    Agosto 2008
  • adamcooleyisdea

    the only good thing patton's been involved with since bungle.

    Luglio 2008
  • drabreu

    the black'n'white effect is cool, but I think it'd be cooler if the DVD had colors! I read a review saying that the lightning colors were so beautiful! And if I'm not mistaken, there is at least one track off of the DVD on youtube with colors, don't ask me how.

    Luglio 2008
  • antAGONYst

    Great Music!!!

    Giugno 2008
  • concretica

    !!! 0||0 !!!

    Aprile 2008
  • Shaunography

    Agreed :)

    Marzo 2008
  • MiasmaRising

    Pitié Pour Mes Larmes FTW!

    Febbraio 2008
  • sabrael

    the romances album is genius - seule is amazing.

    Febbraio 2008
  • trorduja

    The Cloroform Theme on the DVD is absolutely brilliant.

    Gennaio 2008
  • Akasuka

    pure love

    Gennaio 2008
  • Shaunography

    The visuals are absolutely wonderful, aren't they? Everything from the lighting to the editing and camera angles are just perfect.

    Gennaio 2008
  • Lukinx

    Got the DVD today! And I'm on it ^^

    Gennaio 2008
  • Shaunography

    One is for the money, they say two is for the show...

    Dicembre 2007
  • sleepingpill23

    Nov.13th bitches !! Ho Ha !

    Ottobre 2007
  • SteveCube

    Where's that god damn DVD

    Ottobre 2007