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Jim Kirkwood is a musician and artist who played guitar in various rock groups during the seventies and eighties before quitting to pursue a solo career in Electronic Music. He began the Dark Age Music Label in 1989 to publish his own style of Gothic Electronic Music and to date has a catalogue of nearly seventy albums, including the following. The Dark Well of Urdr. Queen of the Golden Wood. The Blessing of Shadows Sacred Engines. The Darkening Hour. Dragon of Old Night. This Temple of Strange Lights. Blodeuwedd. Architects of Heracy. Rituals of Intelligent Design. Decensus Ad Inferos. Widdershins to the Way of the World. Where Shadows Lie. The Legend of Sam Gamgee. Corvis Christi. In the Shadow of Angels. Hawksmoor. Blood and Feathers Fantasy writers, conspiracy theories, strange stories and personalities, have all acted as his source of inspiration and the background to his instrumental music which moves between huge symphonic episodes, fast paced sequencer driven soundscapes and dark ambience. His music has recently become very popular and as a consequence, also heavily pirated.