• Setlist: Truth Church Band - 04-21-2013 Truth Church, Norman, OK

    Apr 23 2013, 9:30 di HorrorOfDunwich

    This week at Truth Church I wasn't on my game. Still had fun. Got to do one of the old ones I like again. For a special treat Pastor Jimmy's kids came up and did a song. One sang, the other played bass and Jimmy's Mother played keys for the song. We didn't have a drummer this week, hopefully he will be back soon.

    Truth Church Band
    Truth Church
    Norman, OK

    James Allen Smith - Vocals/Keys
    Joey Fisher - Lead Electric Guitar
    Christophe Murdock - Rhythm Acoustic Guitar
    Richard Fields - Bass
    Alan Pate - Rhythm Acoustic Guitar/Vocals
    Jimmilea Parks - Vocals on "No Sweeter Name"

    1. This Is What You Do (Jeremy Riddle/Matt Stinton) - Alan Pate on Lead Vox.
    2. What A Mighty God We Serve (Don Moen)
    3. None Compares To You (James Allen Smith)
    * Sabrina welcomes guests and makes announcements
    4. No Sweeter Name (Kari Jobe) - Jimmilea Parks on Lead Vox.
    * Ministry time with Minister Gary Kenna
    5. I Am A Promise (Bill Gaither Trio) - Performed by the Smith Boys.
  • My Favorite Albums of 2009

    Giu 24 2010, 12:14 di suchpower

  • Top 10 Worshiplike Songs.

    Mag 30 2009, 22:03 di mapleleaf10

    There are many worship songs out there nowadays. You can find "worship" in any genre. Whereas I don't like limiting worship to just the songs you sing in church Sunday morning, some songs like that are just really good. You can fully worship God while rocking out to the hardest Christian Rock there is out there. However, going under the cliche of "worship", these are my top 10. Not in any certain order, though!

    1. Jesus Paid It All by Kristian Stanfill
    This is the classic hymn "Jesus Paid It All." However, it adds a refrain that I find amazing: "Oh praise the one who paid my debt / and raised this life up from the dead.

    2. When the Tears Fall by Tim Hughes
    These one has been covered by artists such as The Newsboys, and is such a beautiful song. "When hope is lost, I'll call you Saviour. When pain surrounds, I'll call you Healer."

    3. My Jesus I Love Thee by Go Fish
    This has been my favorite hymn for awhile. …
  • About my iTunes playlist called "CD Against Todd Bentley"

    Ott 27 2008, 15:20 di Arwen4CJ

    This journal entry is a continuation of a discussion that I am having with a person who has commented on my Spiritual Warfare journal entry.

    To provide some background information, I do not agree with Todd Bentley's teachings or the Lakeland revival. Another user saw my comments about Todd Bentley, and this other user strongly supports him and his teachings. We have been commenting back and forth on my journal entry.

    However, our discussion has taken us to a place in which I now have to defend myself in regard to my iLike account profile. The subject is that I have a playlist on iTunes, which is on my iLike profile. It is called "CD Against Todd Bentley."

    In our discussion I was attempting to provide links so that the other user could listen to the sermons that I used in that playlist, but no matter what I did, last.fm was changing the URL links to the sermons to spam. The only way that I could think of to correct the problem was to start a new journal entry so that I could directly link.
  • Soaking Music - a refutation of the idea that Jeremy Riddle's music is soaking music

    Ago 13 2008, 22:19 di Arwen4CJ

    This subject came up when I was reading another individual's description of Jeremy Riddle on last.fm.

    Yes, I am a fan of Jeremy Riddle. And about the soaking music thing...I have to say it bothered me that someone described his music as "soaking music." I felt that it needed to be addressed. My issue with soaking music/soaking prayer is the method that is employed. The idea that music can change the spiritual atmosphere is disgusting to me. The idea that a person would use good music like Jeremy Riddle's in order to achieve some altered state of consciousness is just as repulsive to me. Prayer/music should not be sought out to achieve some sort of mystical experience. It should not be used to get a person to empty their mind -- so that they are thinking of nothing.

    The idea of prayer and worship is not a means to experience something spiritual. Prayer and worship are in and of themselves a time of meeting with God. Nothing more is needed. It seems that the goal of soaking music/prayer is not even to meet with God. …
  • Spiritual Warfare

    Lug 6 2008, 2:48 di Arwen4CJ

    (This is the last one tonight.....I promise. I apologize for sending so many of them today....I just wanted to make sure that I warned everyone on here about Todd Bentley. I consider it to be an extremely important issue.

    Ever since I started reading up on some of the "Christian" teachings that are out there, especially in certain Christian circles, it seems obvious that some people, including Todd Bentley have a view of spiritual warfare that is not supported by Scripture.

    They seem to think that spiritual warfare is some sort of action that people must engage in, such as praying against demons or demonic powers, making war in the heavens. The first time I saw something like this was when someone on last.fm sent me a couple of links to the Jesus Camp video. I was horrified to learn that this is what some people consider to be Christianity, or a way of living the Christian life. A lot of people who view spiritual warfare this way quote Ephesians 6:10-12 in support of what they do.
  • Todd Bentley and Florida "Outpouring" - Part 10 - Research 5 - Videos and Conclusion

    Lug 6 2008, 2:21 di Arwen4CJ

    (make sure you see the videos at the end)


    yeah, the guy in the video is correct....this stuff is not of God.

    I’m concerned about those in the Vineyard that are sending people from their churches there in order to "bring something back.

    I’ve been going to Vineyard churches for the past couple of years. Vineyard isn’t technically a denomination; it is an association. According to some websites, such as http://www. apologeticsindex. org, it is obvious to me that there have been false teachers in Vineyard, just as with any other denomination or association of churches. There is no perfect denomination/association, and Vineyard is no exception to the rule.

    I don't know anything about these false teachers except from what I have read online....and from what I have read, the Kansas City Prophets were once associated with Vineyard, and these prophets were false.

    I know of one Vineyard that teaches things that I don't agree with....and that would be the Albany Vineyard in Oregon. …
  • Todd Bentley and Florida "Outpouring" - Part 9 - Research 4

    Lug 6 2008, 1:35 di Arwen4CJ

    post 1
    here’s the post in which I read that stuff in:
    This post is by someone else.

    â€--I went to a â€--Texas Ablaze” conference in Austin, TX. It was put on by Stand Firm World Ministries, Fresh Fire Ministries, and Streams Ministries. Some of the speakers were Keith Miller (SFWM), Todd Bentley (FFM), and Barbie Breathitt (Streams Ministries). It was hosted at one of the local Austin churches (I forget the name of the church). It was three days long beginning on a Friday, in February.

    Around the registration tables were tables piled full of things you can buy from the ministries, or outrageous prices, too. 25 dollars for a CD, or 30 bucks for a book. They had sets to teach you how to have experiences like Todd Bentley has (going up to the third heaven, meeting angels, etc, etc.) From Todd Bentleyâ€--s ministry you could also buy hankies and get Todd to pray over them, and transfer the anointing to them, so your sick relative or friend might be healed…
  • Todd Bentley and Florida Outpouring - Part 8 - Research 3

    Lug 6 2008, 1:18 di Arwen4CJ

    Post 1

    Seducing Spirits

    Hearken diligently concerning these things, for in the last days shall come seducing spirits that shall turn many of My anointed ones away.

    Many shall fall through divers lusts, and because of sin abounding. But if you will seek Me diligently I will put My Spirit within you. When one shall turn to the right hand or to the left you shall not turn with them, but keep your eyes wholly on the Lord. The coming days are the most dangerous, difficult and dark, but there shall be a mighty outpouring of My Spirit upon many cities, and many shall be destroyed.

    My people must be diligently warned concerning the days that are ahead. Many shall turn after seducing spirits; many are already seducing My people. It is those who DO righteousness that are righteous.

    Many cover their sins by great theological words. But I warn you of seducing spirits who instruct My people in an evil way. …
  • Todd Bentley and Florida "Outpouring" - part 7 - Research 2

    Lug 6 2008, 1:09 di Arwen4CJ

    Post 1

    A FALSE HEALING REVIVAL?? -Florida--Andrew Strom.

    Many of you will have already heard about the "Healing Revival" that has purportedly broken out in Lakeland, Florida. Today Charisma Magazine put out a piece on it entitled ’A Holy Ghost
    Outbreak in Florida’ - "...Charismatics are flocking to the sleepy town of Lakeland, Fla. to attend evangelist Todd Bentley’s unconventional revival services." Is Charisma preparing to hype
    this one to the skies like they did with Toronto and Rodney Howard- Browne? It seems perhaps they are.

    But why am I opposed to this ’Healing Revival’ so soon after it has been announced? -It is because I already know Todd Bentley’s ministry all too well, and this whole thing centers around him.

    Todd Bentley actually has deep roots in the Prophetic movement, and he is one of the very few ministers that I have ever felt I had to publicly warn people about by name. -His ministry is that bad.