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Born in the dynamic and restless quarteer of San Salvario, in a northern town of Italy, Torino, J. Sintax (Federico Ferraris) absorbs the new wave of electro that invade Torino in the end of the 90’s decade. Attending the most engaged undergrounds clubs of the town, like The Plug, Bordello, Doctor Sax, J. Sintax begins to understand the potential of electronic music. Involved in a wide range of musical genres, from metal to blues,J. Sintax starts to focus his interest in an eclectic conception of music, that begin with experimentation.Naturally born like an instrumentalist, preferring guitars, he achieved his old Fender Stratocaster to

apply actively himself to electronic music. But his faithful guitar will come back in these last years, in the compositions, researching a new sound that mix up electronic music. The dream is to finally combine analogic instruments with electronic experimentation, with also a strong dancefloor setting. J.Sintax career started at the beginning of the century playing techno-minimal live sets with vinyls, through the loved Technics, then he focus his efforts to produce tracks with Reason, Ableton Live and his Korg Emx. In Torino he plays in the squats underground area, like Askatasuna and Csa-Murazzi, in the cultural center for emerging art of Villa Capriglio and in many parties around the town (the most cannot forgive an amazing techno live set on the top of a building in the Torino’s downtown area).
Recently he sets up with the postmetal band Kynesis, introducing electronic instrumentation.

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