November, November... Two weeks to remember.

14 Nov 2010 | da

Hello everyone,

The tour is now over and we had two amazing weeks, filled to the brim with nice people, great places and concerts to remember. The list goes on and on. Thank you to everyone who made this possible! Thank you Tim (sound engineering, steering wheel and conspiracy theories), thank you Jonas (hiphop quotes, merch table and marketing tricks), thank you Sinnbus and Headquarter… it was a tour to remember.

As you noticed the tour ended not as it was supposed to, due to the sudden illness of Lisa, who was not able to perform on stage. We had to make last minute decisions in Hamburg and Berlin, so we like to apologize to everyone who felt unhappy about the outcome of these circumstances. It was hard for us, too. Yesterday in Berlin, the only option was to stick to the schedule, minus us playing a concert. We did a dj set instead, so we could at least give you something since we could not perform the way we would have. We took the only options given, since there was more than an I Might Be Wrong concert to think about. We are also sorry for not spreading the news on the internet and for not informing the acts early enough that were about to play with us that night. We hoped and we tried to make it until the last minute that we could make it somhow, but in the end, it wasn’t only us that could decide what was there to do. We hope you understand. Also that there is always a huge amount of money around to bear when it comes to cancel a show you signed to play. But we really want to thank Mohna and Touchy Mob for two beautiful sets and to everyone who stopped by to be a part of the evening. Next time, next time. You know.

For now, we take a deep breath. We hope you are well.

Yours, I Might Be Wrong.

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