Ogle Some Piano

Thrill Jockey Records
Data di pubblicazione
26 Apr 2004
Numero di brani
18 brani


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    Brano     Durata Ascoltatori
1 Spangle Bib Of Radiant Value 10:33 152
2 Mentioning The Lint That Thrills And Filling The Pockets With Momentum 0:45 149
3 Re-Envision Stream Block And Then Fumble 3:59 147
4 Hammered And Hampered, We Then Took The Deeds Down By The Dozen 1:15 146
5 A Memento Was Slid In Between The Actual House of Cards So As To MaybeRemain 5:21 14
6 Splendid In A Way And Especially Unseething In Its Most Popular Format 2:43 123
7 Notification Was Lost In The Mail And That Turned Out To Be A GoodThing 1:40 11
8 Espresso Spills Specifically On The Italian Truck Stop Tie, And For AMoment, Aids In… 1:39 6
9 So Long As The Essential Tinge Remains Intact And Unfiltered, Then ItCan Be Over… 1:48 5
10 Before The Tenant They Sat With Popcorn And Hunch 1:29 120
11 Drink Ticket Trinket 0:56 121
12 Ogle 1:06 131
13 Especially After Having Leaned On The Crutch Prior To In-FlightEntertainment 1:28 10
14 Hokum Bigboy Was Probably Not His Given Name, But Just To MakeCertain We Reaffiliated 7:16 9
15 Once There Was A Way To Determine The Source Of The Crumpled 3:22 119
16 Someday They Will Have A Name For What Ails You As Opposed To BeingSaddled With… 0:56 7
17 Ascending To A Pagan Right Was Without A Doubt Looming Behind TheHipster Slouch 1:25 7
19 Plentiful The Wife And Beautiful The Aforementioned Too 1:09 108

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