• Happy Halloween!

    Ott 31 2010, 23:53 di vickevlar

    I wanted to write about Halloween, because lately it has catapulted itself into the position of my favorite holiday, narrowly beating out "no holidays." Unfortunately, due to extensive mental tangents and entanglements, I am finding myself needing to preface this with an apology for its hideously long exposition. Sorry, Halloween music is going to have to wait momentarily. I blame this on not having a clear thesis. And on Woodrow Wilson.

    Being raised in a nonreligious household gave holidays a different meaning to me than for most people, I suppose. The value and import of a holiday centered around two things: the number of days off school it generated, and the fun of its associated rituals. This prioritization is true for all children, of course, but it carried with it no guilt that later was compensated for (or worse, was not compensated for, and continued existing as guilt.)

    Since I am no longer a child- this was not my decision- those priorities are no longer applicable for me. …
  • Top 10 Favorite Video Game Songs

    Mar 15 2010, 4:24 di vickevlar

    Copying more crap from facebook in an attempt to salvage my Sunday night. You see, on Friday night I had a great time watching Suburban Sasquatch and won a sweet Talking Classics t-shirt on Doc Mock's Movie Mausoleum, and on Saturday night I had a blast going to a midnight grindhouse double feature of Welcome to Deer Creek and Holy Shit! Zombies! at my local theater. So far tonight has been "I moped about because spring break is over," and it will end in going to bed and waking up at 8 for calculus, which is the ultimate lame. But at least now I can add "...but I listened to some sick game music!"

    I don't really listen to a large variety of video game music, but I really love what I have, so it's hard choosing favorites. I'm actually putting the songs in the note because I doubt my friends will recognize most of them by name alone. Sadly, not embedded, because Facebook is a jerk. Also, going in REVERSE order this time to increase the suspense and sense of wonder!! OOoh!
  • Some of my favorite OCRemix songs

    Set 16 2006, 10:50 di wwwwolf

    Here's some of my favorite ORCremix songs. By no means not exhaustive list, not in any proper order of greatness and... well, I'll just ramble about the rest later.

    Generally speaking, I tend to like remixes that are recognisable as game tracks, but add something nice to the mix. I don't like really great stylistic changes, but there's always exceptions - for example, I dislike the album "The Dark Side of Phobos" for being almost nothing at all like the original game soundtrack, and many of the tracks are just unrecognisable. However, I think the album is still one of the best albums in recent years, and definitely one of the best in "random background music for computer work" genre.


    Altered Beast Resurrection by Breakbeat OC ReMix: Needs recognition as the track that got me hooked to OCRemix. Probably among the first tracks I downloaded.

    Zelda 64 Pachelbel's Ganon OC ReMix: A bit unrecognisable at first, but clear enough. And this thing just has wonderful, beautiful mood. …