• Musical Revelations 2006

    Dic 24 2006, 16:53 di Biondello

    Here's the deal. Right now I'm rushing between the kitchen, the living room and my room just to sustain some Christmas atmosphere. You've got to help preparing the meals, open the door for the relatives who are going to spend the evening with you. Their faces are supposed to be covered by melting snow but there is none. There is no snow this year. So my Christmas wish this year is a brand new shiny ozone layer. Nothing more. Nothing less. Alright, maybe some love and health. Anyway, my little cousin Matthew enters my room (I'm listening to Jeff Buckley) and asks me:

    "Lulian , are you excited?"

    Answer: "Yeah, I'm so excited that I'm bursting with fruit flavour."

    Matthew leaves to follow his own mysterious ways. And I'm in to tell you about some of my musical revelations from 2006. This year has been full of music. I was making music and listening to music to a significantly dangerous extent. So, I'm going to tell you about my discoveries or re-discoveries, call them as you like. …