gert emmens :He had his first confrontation with EM when he was 17 years old. Album:. Timewind Klaus Schulze
just wanted to make that kind of music He bought his first synthesizer in 1979, a Yamaha CS-10. Powered by EM sold in 1983 only until 1984. Lost his interest in EM 1984-1995. Powered Symphonic Rock and Fusion at that time, for many groups, such as first keyboard and drums. Bought an old analog synth in 1995 and began to focus on EM again. He became a member of Alpha Centauri in 1995. Is releasing solo-album from 1999. Since March 2003, Gert EM is doing with Ruud Heij, who Gert thought to be the greatest of all time sequencedesigner ruud heij—- : He had his first confrontation with EM when he was 9 years old. Album:. Phaedra by Tangerine Dream
Later, when he heard Moondawn Klaus Schulze knew he wanted to do that kind of music. He bought his first synthesizer in 1982, a Korg MS-20. He still ownes that synth. Early compose EM, Ruud did everything alone. During the nineties he met René Jansen. Together they formed Patchwork. Since then, things have gone faster. Ruud became a member of Alpha Centauri and met people with whom he started making music. Most important: Free System Projekt, who is doing a pure form of Berlin School. Since March 2003, Ruud EM is doing with Gert Emmens, which influences other than EM-FSP and René Jansen.

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