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  • MetalForOne-1

    G.O.D. Goregrind band Canada two thumbs up :) \\m/

    Novembre 2014
  • Johnnyrockstar1

    Shout goes out to UK garage G.O.D. duo!

    Luglio 2014
  • SeleneReunion

    Meine Fresse war das schwer hierher zu finden...

    Aprile 2014
  • HellzAssassin

    There's actually 4... An Italian Symphonic Death Metal band

    Dicembre 2013
  • nuggie

    Ok, now there are three G.O.D. Bands -.- - The german Celtic Rock Band - The K-Pop Band - The Rap Band should integrate some possibilities for distinct band profiles ...

    Settembre 2013
  • conraddson

    The drummer is bananas

    Maggio 2013
  • AnalForsage

    The old school goregrind band is awesome

    Dicembre 2012
  • Johnnytesy


    Luglio 2011
  • thegery

    Grandstand Of Devils a legnagyobb, a többi meg fos.

    Aprile 2011
  • SaddyK

    Use G.O.D [without a dot after "D"] to the Korean group.

    Agosto 2010
  • Jesus_Of_Metal

    oh i hate it that the match this korean musicians with the german band and another german band and ... it just confuses everybody theres a german band callen THE garden of delight which makes some goth metal or so AND there is a (really awesome) german folk rock band AND there are these koreans ... is doch blödsinn diese koreaner da mit unsren geilen deutschen folkrockern zu verwechseln mir zewigts immer bei empfehlungen irgen einen k-pöp müll an weil ich ja angeblich soviel k-pop GOD höre de sis doch ien mist

    Dicembre 2009
  • Skipbeatskipper


    Marzo 2009
  • tinek1985

    einfach nur geil!!!!

    Agosto 2008
  • DestroyTheOath

    kinda stupid that there is another band called Garden of Delight AND another group called G.O.D. But I love the 'celtish ones' xD esp. the guy with the accoustic guitar^^

    Gennaio 2008