Welcome To The Pleasuredome

Razor & Tie Label
Data di pubblicazione
18 Nov 2008
Numero di brani
18 brani


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    Brano     Durata Ascoltatori
1 Welcome to the Pleasuredome 13:40 43.916
1 The World Is My Oyster (including Well, Snatch of Fury) 1:57 1.981
1 The World is My Oyster 1:58 27.255
3 Relax 3:56 290.297
4 War 4:14 38.577
5 Two Tribes 3:56 123.951
6 (TAG) 0:35 9.103
7 Fury 1:49 10.077
8 Born to Run 3:59 39.217
9 San Jose 3:10 10.497
10 Wish the Lads Were Here 2:48 5.880
11 The Ballad of 32 4:49 8.919
12 Krisco Kisses 2:58 13.342
13 Black Night White Light 4:08 14.188
14 The Only Star in Heaven 4:16 11.525
15 The Power of Love 5:29 183.160
16 Bang 1:10 34.398

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  • eyesaresmiles

    As a fourteen year old, this was unlike any other album I owned, like entering a whole new world. Listening to it was an adventure; it wasn't just one song after another like 'normal' albums. It was full of weird sounds and noises, and for the duration you stepped into another world. Now, the two big singles apart, and with the odd interludes having long lost their magic, we are left with a bunch of decidedly mediocre songs and competent but uninspiring covers, and very little to suggest what it was that could have so enchanted me. The magic has worn off, unfortunately.

    8 Mar 10:56 Rispondi
  • UnRagazzoAdam

    Frankie na Popvictims: http://popvictims.pl/2014/01/06/foto-nr-90/

    6 Gen 9:26 Rispondi
  • prominence_la

    Original material completely owns the covers.

    9 Apr 2012 Rispondi
  • pogopatterson

    All those remixes in retrospect just showed the incredible creativity/productivity of Trevor Horn.

    23 Mar 2012 Rispondi
  • ravenpryde

    this album was a slowburn for me in terms of appreciating how good it is. first time listening to it, i only dug about 2-3 songs, the second time about 5-6 songs, the third time about 8-9 songs, eventually by the fifth time...i pretty much loved the entire album.

    7 Gen 2012 Rispondi
  • PartySanCTG

    I decided to try it because you can't go wrong with Trevor Horn's production wizardry (srsly guy is one of my all-time fave producers), and then I realised this is basically an entire album of DAT BASS. There's just so much bass action in it!

    2 Set 2011 Rispondi
  • Zoltanrah

    great album, imo.

    20 Lug 2011 Rispondi
  • DemonTauruS2

    I disagree - born To Run was blah, but the stuff after was experimental and original and odd. There were a couple of good ballads in there, too. This is a widely underrated album. when it came out as a double, it was the best, and not many people had it in the NY area that I knew of. A personal pleasure, not something id normally let people in on...

    21 Dic 2010 Rispondi
  • jedimulder24

    Some of the track titles on the above listing are diabolical! I have the original CD, & the album titles are as follows - The World Is My Oyster/Snatch Of Fury [Stay], Welcome To The Pleasuredome, Relax [Come Fighting], War [and Hide], Two Tribes [For The Victims Of Ravishment], The Last Voice, Born To Run, Happy Hi, Wish [The Lads Were Here], The Ballad Of 32, Krisco Kisses, Black Night White Light, The Only Star In Heaven, The Power Of Love, Bang - in THAT order!!

    2 Lug 2010 Rispondi
  • Mike TV

    The CD is missing Ferry and The Power of Love. War is also not as good as on the LP, it just drones on about bring out your dead, while the LP is actually a song. I recorded the LP and put it on my ipod. Saw them in Oakland with Belouis Some in '85.

    8 Lug 2009 Rispondi
  • bsimpson1972

    What an amazing masterpiece of 80's-pop! Right from the start, they'll let you know, that you're in for some ride! ;)

    7 Giu 2009 Rispondi
  • seulhomme

    pretentious as hell, gorgeous, lovely, gritty, ethereal....mmmmm....pretentious only because it was their first album presented as a double LP gatefold package. they took a Hell of a chance by doing that...yet, they lived up to their hype, kinda like Desperate Housewives.....

    18 Mar 2009 Rispondi

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