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  • shitscud

    Haha, there's almost no pictures of his band members posted even though it's "...& Mahogany Rush".

    Agosto 2013
  • shitscud

    I have this on vinyl, passed down from my dad & uncle's collection. I'd been wondering for years what this was, what it sounded like. Finally listened to it after finding a download of the album, can definitely see why pops dug this stuff. More of the listeners may be scrobbling under 'Frank Marino' or 'Mahogany Rush', so that's a reason there aren't many listeners here.

    Agosto 2013
  • T_Higginz

    Tales of the Unexpected - great album!. But where are the listeners?

    Giugno 2013
  • SergioFuhr

    que banda tan genial acabo de encontrar :3

    Dicembre 2012
  • crownanchor

    Kool Marino and the gang.....

    Ottobre 2012
  • the_poison_ivy

    Kind of disturbing, that there are just so few listeners. I think this version of "All along the watchtower" is the best one. Jimi Hendrix isn´t bad , but this is better. ( And the BSG-Version is just horrible, but that´s another thing)

    Settembre 2012
  • Headbanger62695

    so ridiculously talented, its a shame more people haven't heard of him

    Agosto 2012
  • kriki65

    Since more than 30 years I love to hear Franks stuff. Specially the live records are so powerful. Hope I get the chance to see him in Germany....

    Settembre 2011
  • Bentwick09

    and only 12,711 listeners....., what a shame......

    Luglio 2011
  • Bentwick09

    RealLIVE!....., one of the best live albums ""ever"" made.....

    Luglio 2011
  • MadSok


    Luglio 2011
  • xdreamx19

    for similar bands check my blog

    Giugno 2011
  • arweryn

    Only 96,000 plays? Really?

    Marzo 2011
  • aardwerk

    Marino is still active it says above. That's an understatement. He still blows your head of with fantastic improvisations and long seeking adventures on his guitar. I lately re-discovered Marino. I listened to his live album Real Live. This is so cool and creative. And his band is top. Steady and very solid giving Marino way on the stage for his outstanding performances. I live in Europe (Holland) and hope that he will pass by in the near future. I definitely will go to see him.

    Febbraio 2011
  • maerte70

    Habe durch einen Freund mit dem Song Finish Line zu Ihm gefunden und schätzen gelernt. i love Poppy and AVALON!!

    Dicembre 2010
  • LarryPotillo

    Dear Frank, I do hope you decide to add New Jersey to your tour Again!

    Dicembre 2010
  • ManiacForces


    Novembre 2010
  • grinderswitch

    this guy has to be one of the best i've ever seen.he' s currently on tour in the usa. i'm seeing him in new york nov 5 at bbkings. if he comes your way you must see him - this man kicks. CHECK OUT HIS WEB SITE ITS A FAN BASED SITE THAT IS EXCELLENT

    Settembre 2010
  • xdreamx19

    most underrated guitarist

    Luglio 2010
  • mynameisjoehann

    Im proud to be Canadian

    Maggio 2010
  • fibrecut

    Spark it up!!!!

    Aprile 2010
  • FjordSweetFjord

    Frank Marino can play some fucking guitar!!!!!

    Aprile 2010
  • Bentwick09

    one of the best.......

    Marzo 2010
  • Braveshell

    Great guitarist... love this track and his version of Purple Haze. The Hendrix effect looms large... not a bad thing though.

    Gennaio 2010
  • malajen


    Settembre 2009
  • Caponera


    Maggio 2009
  • drawingback

    Hey guys! Frank is helping Daniel with his debut album,and we would like to help him out as well! Franks is now booking his 2009 tour,and anyone interested in booking him should contact.... BOOKING: Garry Buck montereyinternational 200 West Superior, Suite 202 Chicago, IL 60610 Phone: 312-640-7500 Direct Fax: 269-244-5734 email:

    Maggio 2009
  • Rock-Ghost

    Der allergenialste oba-mega-giga-terra-wahnsinns-wildest-krassomatischste Krassomaten-Lead-Gitarrero der Welt, aller Zeiten, Planeten, Sonnensysteme und Milchstrassen ! The most-genious-uppest-mega-giga-terra-crazy-wildest-krassomaticalst Krassomato-Lead-Guitarrero of the world, of all times, planetz, sun-systemz and milky-way-streetz ! Compozer of the best Power-Hard-Rock-Trackz and -Solos of all Energetical and Mental Dimenzions !

    Marzo 2009
  • harajukudude

    a group for people who love to discover great bands that none of your friends know about !

    Febbraio 2009
  • EricPZ

    Their "Live" album is one of the best ever.

    Agosto 2008
  • eliterower

    This is one of Zakk Wylde's favorite bands

    Luglio 2008
  • _Tarkus_

    What higginz said. Please update your tags, people.

    Aprile 2008
  • _Tarkus_

    Please join the all new Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush group!

    Gennaio 2008
  • _Tarkus_

    RealLIVE! is just about the best live album ever!

    Dicembre 2007
  • PapaShura

    First albums the BEST!!!

    Dicembre 2007
  • sc0ttmst

    His covers of All Along The Watchtower and Roadhouse Blues are incredible.

    Maggio 2007
  • h4h4pwn3d


    Novembre 2006
  • scoblitz

    Saw Frank last night in Chicago - Amazing!!

    Ottobre 2006
  • KarnEvil9

    Yay, we have a pic! Nice job, Higginz!

    Luglio 2006
  • KarnEvil9

    Come on, people, vote early and often! ;)

    Luglio 2006
  • Stumpflower

    I voted yes for all three as well. I hate when artists have nothing

    Luglio 2006
  • KarnEvil9

    Mine's the black and white one, but I voted Yes for all three. Any one of them would be better than nothing.

    Giugno 2006
  • KarnEvil9

    How about some love for one of rock's guitar gods!

    Giugno 2006