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In 1989 F.P.I. Project (Fratty-Presti-Intrallazzi) was set up.
Their first production is world known smash hit “Rich In Paradise” released on Discomagic Records with the vocals of Paolo Dini.
After the success of “Rich In Paradise / Going Back to my Roots”, the F.P.I. Project set up their very own label Paradise Project Records (PPR), and in 1990 they release their first track “Risky”, followed by “Everybody (All Over The World)”, “Let’s Go” in 1991 and “Feel It” in 1992.
The year after, another smashing hit reaches all the most important charts: “Come On (And Do It)”.

F.P.I. Project continue their climbing up the house music charts and the hearts of all the clubbers with “Disco This Way” and “Yes, We Could!” in 1995.
Not to forget to mention in 1991 their first LP was released:”Rich In Paradise” featuring the voices of Sharon Dee Clarke, Sarah Warwick, Angie Brown, Glenn White and Tina Chris, even as a new project was set up named T.C, with Tina Chris on vocals.
With this project they release the club hit “TC 1991 - Berry”.
T.C. carries on releasing a new track each year:
< TC 1992 - Funky Guitar
< TC 1993 - Harmony
TC 1994 - Psychedelic Colours, and finally
< TC 1995 - Just Get Up & Dance, in which singer Tina Chris will be substituted by Sonia Davis, for whom they start a new project releasing the singles “Bette Davies Eyes”, “Are You Ready (To Go)” and “Music is my Life”.
In 1994 the F.P.I. Project release once again “Going Back To My Roots ‘94” with brand new 1994 mixes.

Nowadays there has been a coming back of the group for a huge request especially from the UK audience, doing some great live PAs in Glasgow, Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh and more to come.


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