• The SmokeOut Is Finally Back!!!

    Nov 10 2009, 23:33 di EricBobo

    What’s good everyone!!
    Sometimes when it comes to writing my blog, beforehand I feel like I have tons of stuff to write about, but when it comes time to write, all of those “thoughts” just up & fly away. That’s why I’ve had some lapses with my blog entries, not to make excuses or anything.
    Anyway, recently I’ve had more things to blog about. This time around, I’m gonna talk about the return of the now legendary Cypress Hill SmokeOut.
    Its been maybe 4-5 years since the last SmokeOut. For those who don’t know about it, let me give you a brief background. The very first Smokout happened in the late 90’s and was originally planned out as a public record release party for our album “IV”. We were going to have it in the parking lot of this place called “Pepper’s” in the City of Industry & was primarily a night club. I think the owners got scared because they got worried about the size of the crowd. It was moved to San Bernardino Orange Show. …
  • Cypress Hill Returns

    Ott 12 2009, 16:25 di EricBobo

    What’s good everyone!!
    I hope everyone enjoyed their summer. It seems to have flown by rather quickly but it was fun nonetheless. This summer, I was able to do a bunch of solo shows with DJ Rhettmatic as well as some Cypress shows. I also got a chance to perform with Perry Ferrell at Coachella & Seu Jorge at the Hollywood Bowl for 3 nights. Now, since the new Cypress Hill record is pretty much done and we’ve all come out with our solo projects, its time for CH to return in full form. One thing I will say is that we all as a group welcomed being able to do our own things & work with different people but when we come together as CH, its truly a blessing. We are all excited about being on stage together and finally performing some new stuff. We are all happy about the new record too. If the management has their way, we will be on tour for most of 2010. It kinda reminds me of the old days where we just stayed out on the road. At one point, I knew my bunk in the tour bus better than my bed at home. …
  • 2009........What A Messed Up Year!!!

    Set 28 2009, 20:26 di EricBobo

    What’s good everyone!!
    I hope you all are in good spirits. It’s been a while since I wrote a new blog entry. With being a “Twitterholic”, micro blogging has been a major form of communication for me, but 140 characters can only take you so far when you feel that you have much more to say. In saying that, I will start.
    2009 has definitely been one strange and sad year for almost all of us. I never remember a year where so many influential people and friends have died. The saying goes “famous people die in 3’s”, but this year, it’s been quadruple that!! We lost great entertainers like Michael Jackson, Patrick Swayze & Farrah Fawcett, to historic figures like Sen. Edward Kennedy & Walter Cronkite, to people like Roc Raida (the X-cutioners) who influenced many dj’s with his incredible skills, to personal friends of mine like Adam Goldstein aka DJ AM. We even lost the Taco Bell chihuahua. I feel like there must’ve been something big going on in heaven for God to take these people from us. …
  • Discovering Your Roots

    Feb 24 2009, 3:25 di EricBobo

    What’s good everyone!!
    I’ve had a pretty interesting week so far and the week hasn’t ended yet. In the past few years, I’ve been re-connecting with my family from New York, which has been great. Living here on the west coast has kept me from growing up with some of my other family members but thanks to touring, I’ve been able to drop in from time to time and visit. A couple of weeks ago, a cousin of mine from Long Island, NY invited me to join them in helping to build the family tree. I was excited about finding out more about my family and who’s related to whom. For a couple of days now, I’ve been at this family tree trying to find out more about my family. I’m kinda feeling like Alex Haley and for those who don’t know, he was the author of the famous book called “Roots”, which traces the ancestors of Mr. Haley. Once I got started with it, I haven’t been able to stop. I invited other family members to join in and so far, a bunch of family have joined up. …