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With his release “Dynamism” in 2009, Equitant has proven once again how to re-design and significantly alter his musical approach uniting a cold mix of electronic body music and darkened techno. The concept for “Dynamism” is an ever-changing activity, various theories or philosophical systems that explain the universe in terms of force or energy. This is a process or mechanism responsible for the development and motion of a system. “Dynamism” is more or less where his 2008 EP “Mekanik” left off. Just as heavy and just as aggressive.

2008 saw a revivification of Equitant’s style and sound, with the “Mekanik” EP release on Black Montanas/Black Leather Records. This EP brought forth a new chapter in the sound structure and design of the music. The music took on a distinct and aggressive techno-EBM sound…like switching on a kind of techno-EBM engine.

Equitant’s antecedent sound started out as an ambient synthesizer project in 1993, then evolved to a cold mechanical direction of electronic music with traces of techno-electro elements in 1999. From 1993-2003 Equitant released a vast collection of demos issued on his label Black Montanas, including his first full length album “Zurich” in 2002. Followed by the “Kompressor” EP in 2003.

In 2005 Equitant signed with the Dallas Texas based “Tarot Productions” label. The result was the simultaneous full length releases of “Zeit” (recorded in 2002) and “Konstruckteur” (recorded in 2004).

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