Founded in 2009, EarlyRise set out on a unique journey, mixing the poetic side of music with the edgier side of rock.
EarlyRise was founded by Orly Lari (vocals, piano) and Raz Klinghoffer (guitar player and producer), who combined their different styles and started writing music together. They were later joined by Itamar Goldwasser (Drums) and Dima Grossman (Bass) and finally emerged with their debut album “What if” which was self released in May 2011.
The album explores many levels of experience and emotion, making each song unique, with its own style and point of view.
Like different facets of a complex personality, What If gives us a first glimpse of EarlyRise, unfolding before us with each song.

EarlyRise’s YouTube channel has already gained over 2.2 million views, when nearly 750,000 of them are from their song “Wasteland”, they have reached over 33,000 Facebook fans within only 11 months since the release of their debut album “What If” and they are still rapidly growing.

EarlyRise have also released their first video to an acoustic version of their song “Old Friend”. The song has gained 500,000 views in half a year.

EarlyRise has gotten more than 15 great album reviews on different music websites and won first place in OurStage’s Rock finals for June 2011, winning them the Grand Prize of 1000$.

At the momentEarlyRise are playing live shows and waiting for the right opportunity to make their big break.

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