• Music list wankfest 2011: Non-albums

    Dic 15 2011, 12:55 di Toastfarmer

    20. Bitch Prefect | Marilyn Monroe 7”

    This was a confusing release that initially offered Sunday and Bad Decisions as free downloadable tracks under the banner of the Bitch Prefect EP. The physical 7” only carries Marilyn Monroe and Holiday In America. Actually getting all four tracks together in the same format, which would ostensibly be the true Bitch Prefect EP, is seemingly impossible. What is this I don’t even.

    19. The Townhouses | Backyard (digital single)

    Digitally released for a modest fee, this is a lovely pair of tracks from Melbourne act The Townhouses. The vocal sample used in Backyard is especially soothing.

    18. Forest Swords | Fjree Feather EP

    Six early Forest Sword tracks which were originally thrown on the extended second version of the Dagger Paths EP, which I don’t have. Though this isn’t as good as Dagger Paths, it’s still a pretty badass demonstration of Forest Swords’ unique, dub-oriented take on psych.

    17. Inga Copeland | Inga Copeland EP

  • 2011 so far...

    Nov 20 2011, 10:31 di yulquen

    Active Child - You Are All I See

    This is an absolutely gorgeous record. Vocally, Grossi switches seamlessly between, well, a normal-pitched singer and an angelic choirboy to stunning effect. Musically, there are strands of M83 (when he was good still…) and you could loosely categorise this as dream-pop, but Grossi draws from so many different genres (check out the r‘n’b stylings on ‘Playing House’) that it stands completely apart from the competition. The use of his harp adds a whole new layer of dreaminess to the mix and sits in nice contrast to the electronic beats underlying his work. Stunning, stunning, stunning.


    Africa HiTech - 93 Million Miles

    I find 93 Million Miles a bit underwhelming. It’s quite rhythm-heavy but the rhythms generally sit in a muddy patch between the hypnotic effect of minimal techno and the juicy complexity of ‘IDM’. I thoroughly enjoyed my first half a dozen listens, don’t’ get me wrong, but I haven’t felt inspired to revisit it much since. …
  • Liquid Electric Radio Show Playlist 27/5/11

    Mag 27 2011, 15:09 di loopsnake

    21021 11:01 Eskmo - Moving Glowstream (Amon Tobin Remix)
    21022 11:04 Icicle ft DRS - Bitter Taste
    21023 11:08 Addison Groove - It’s Got Me
    21024 11:13 Boxcutter - Cold War
    21025 11:18 Option Command - Polybell Strategy
    21026 11:21 Trakshot - No You Sleep
    21027 11:26 Galapagoose - Insider
    21028 11:31 Low - Especially Me
    21029 11:36 Saint Surly - LeBunked
    21030 11:39 Hyphae - Fragrant Vagrant
    21031 11:43 MASTER OF RIBONGIA - Face My Face
    21032 11:47 Dro Carey - Hungry Horse
    21033 11:52 Kryptic Minds - Myth
    21034 11:58 Slugabed - Moonbeam Rider
    21035 12:02 Spokes - 3,4,5 (Capec Remix)
    21036 12:08 Mr Little Jeans - The Suburbs
    21037 12:13 Underlapper - Choking Ibis
    21038 12:20 Amon Tobin - Dropped From The Sky
    21039 12:27 Alexander Rishaug - H_Icon
    21040 12:39 Oliver Tank - Beautiful
    21041 12:42 The Hundred in the Hands - Commotion (Capracara’s Red Zone Dub)
    21042 12:50 Hyetal - Searchlight