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  • JeffreyCamps

    thanks doug

    Gennaio 2013
  • stasap

    fucking perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Settembre 2011
  • kendra-daisy

    I love this! Such an awesome, joyful sound! : )

    Giugno 2011
  • dopemoves

    Gorgeous...Doug is the man!

    Giugno 2011
  • diachromatic

    doug is so the man.

    Maggio 2011
  • skippingboy123


    Aprile 2011
  • IgotmyPMA

    I love Doug!

    Marzo 2011
  • bandolean

    quite possibly my most favorite doug martsch song...these lyrics. </3

    Marzo 2011
  • williamaimi

    that kid got owned on the bottom of this page by another member. I love it

    Ottobre 2010
  • kidnapjesus

    Pretty great

    Agosto 2010
  • surfbum76

    unique melancolic style - love this guy

    Luglio 2010
  • blenderwithrope

    i dig the beard!

    Maggio 2010
  • stasap

    so f'ing good

    Aprile 2010
  • dopemoves

    Perfection as "DUG" always does(that's how he signed an autograph for me) and a great guy to meet in person.

    Marzo 2010
  • kfjckillsme

    is there ever anything not perfect by this guy= love love love love him

    Febbraio 2010
  • cryosaur

    Goddammit Dough, quit being my music god.

    Febbraio 2010
  • KatelinMorgan7

    This is the first I've ever heard of him, but I really like his sound. It really reminds me of Modest Mouse, which is cool.

    Gennaio 2010
  • cmoney3

    Everything Doug makes is golden!

    Dicembre 2009
  • dcga

    indeed, bump

    Novembre 2009
  • ca-ro-li-na

    ... I love it ...

    Ottobre 2009
  • mushroomGnome

    This is a great song!

    Ottobre 2009
  • zenfroglet

    Fantastic song.

    Settembre 2009
  • ca-ro-li-na


    Settembre 2009
  • marxos

    Great song make me dream !

    Settembre 2009
  • Latewisteria

    i never knew about this song. it's charming. love it.

    Agosto 2009
  • tenfortea

    offspringfan- He never fired anybody. He changed members to keep the sound fresh and members knew this going in. However, he has had the same band with a few additions since about '97 or '98. So stop squaking uninformed nonsense from your flute chute and pay attention.

    Luglio 2009
  • krischanski

    Die Solo-Sachen kenn ich ja noch gar nicht. Nett.

    Maggio 2009
  • Offspringfan64

    I hate this guy, but he's nice. He lives in my town and I see him sometimes, but really, I'll never forgive him for being stupid with firing members from Built to Spill every time another album is released. Fag wants all the attention. But really, he's a nice guy, really friendly and stuff. Down to earth too.

    Maggio 2009
  • lealea77

    Amazing song

    Marzo 2009
  • jakep34

    Dug Martsch, motherfuckas!!

    Febbraio 2009
  • revhuxtable


    Novembre 2008
  • SchlaepfR

    La guitare acoustique on a rien fait de mieux quoiqu'on en dise...

    Maggio 2008
  • erikdardan


    Dicembre 2007